Cross Faction Semi Casual M+ / Raiding!

Good Morning!

My name is Chad (Killchain) and I am an avid alliance member that while I used to go hard in the game real life commitments such as a job and 3 kids and a lovely wife have put a 18 year debuff of hamstring on my gaming…

With the announcement of cross faction communities and cross faction raiding to come next week on May 31st for patch 9.2.5. And given the vastly reduced pool of potential players from Alliance this served as a great opportunity to form and nurture a cross faction community to experience all manner of progression.

Consider this a AOTC chasing mid skill tier community. I dont expect CE’s (though awesome goal to work towards over time) but I do plan to be a bit more driven than happily only clearing normal.

This will be a completely fresh community and welcome any and all walks of life. M+ Pvp’ers etc. Hit me up ingame!

In-game community = Attuned.
(Not yet cross realm obvi til after patch next week)