Cross-Faction RP Tavern Night to Celebrate the New Cluster!

Hey guys! In celebration of the armistice IC and our new server merge between TNRH and Maelhoof Co. OOC, the Horde RP guild Sanctuary (with the Alliance RP guild The Honorborn) will be hosting a cross-faction in-game RP tavern night at World’s End Tavern led by Cerryan-TwistingNether, horde side; and myself Delphinia-TwistingNether (send a whisper for a group invite)! If you’re an RPer, please feel free to swing by and say hello! This will take place at World’s End Tavern, Shattrath on Friday, Aug. 7th at 6PM PST | 7PM MST | 8PM CST | 9PM EST

Hoping for someone to host an Alliance only “Unite against the Horde” party, too, to welcome new allies in the faction war!

We were actually planning on doing two different factional tavern nights originally, for this sort of reason, but ended up deciding to simplify things with a single cross-faction event. I hope people still come out!

Do you think there would be interest in a celebratory PVE raid? I’d be happy to lead a Normal Nyalotha on Alliance at some point during the week.

If there’s a conveniently timed faction assault, it could be fun to get everyone there at the same time and have a big PVP battle while trying to get the assault done, too.

We do have a small handful of people over in Night Vanguard who might be interested/geared enough for a raid (including myself)! Around when were you thinking?

Unfortunately, because TNRH is small, most people in the RP community play on both factions and most who raid do so on Horde because it’s just where we ended up having the most solid raidgroup (and most people didn’t want to raid on both factions).

Still asking around a bit about pvp, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

Wednesday afternoon or evening or any day thereafter in the week or weekend would be fine for us, provided we have a day or so advance notice. Unfortunately Tuesday night when our server comes back up isn’t great for us, as otherwise that would be a perfect time.

If I’ve calculated correctly, PVP assaults will happen at 11pm ET Tuesday in Tiragarde, 6pm ET Wednesday in Nazmir, and every 19 hours thereafter, and last 7 hours.

In trade chat yesterday, we ended up promising 7pm ST tonight (Wed). I hope that works for you!

Sorry, what timezone?

Server Time, which is Central Time. So, 8pm ET, 5pm PT. It will probably take us at least half an hour to get organized.

Cool cool, just wanted to make sure you didnt just leave off the first letter of a timezone, I’ll pass it along! Feel free to add me on bnet so we can do invites Arahe#11800

I’m paranoid and don’t like to hand out my battle tag, but I’ll be able to /friend your Alliance character when we see each other!

Ok, sounds good! As I said up in the OG post, I’m Delphinia-TwistingNether on alliance side, and that’ll be the character I’ll be on (just so you know it’s me)

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