Cross faction games will kill PVP for good; if que sync exploit is not fixed first

I’m still trying to figure out how “cross-faction” is going to solve anything… It will just be the same clowns que-syncing the same premades in coms; but now made even WORSE. You’ll have teams that end up like 30 made it into one side and 6 to the other on the pop, so those 6 will totally screw things up royal for the pug team they’re in and exploit the game to make them lose while laughing in coms with their que-sync teammates on the other side doing all the winning… this will literally become a new and totally accepted thing by the premades and it will create all kinds of >> NEW PROBLEMS << as every single game, a person on your team mysteriously takes off to the other factions base in Ashran with the AA to be killed to intentionally give them the AA, or isn’t healing anyone, or is giving away your team’s position in coms, intentionally letting them cap a flag, or is killing themselves over & over in Ashran the list is endless. These things will be an epidemic overnight; premade teams on every single sync que will be going “POP!” and then they’ll quickly ascertain which side has less of their players on it so they know how they’re going to roll. And that’ll all be a real HIT for the already distraught and ready to unsub for good pug teams, they’ll love all that coming at them 100 times per day; guaranteed spies in every single epic bg with a premade on the other side… All the cross faction will do is open up a whole new can of worms & exploits that will make the game in even worse shape than it already is.


bro thinks our planet is flat


^ Gaslight level 10

It’s already going on now via MERC


sure it is champ

There’s no need to argue or even debate it… Once it goes cross-faction (without the que sync issue resolved), the tidal wave of unsubbing by casual pvp players will absolutely kill that part of the game. I mean, the premade clowns have already killed it, its dead… but the cross faction will be the final nail in the coffin. There will be so much exploitation going on, it will be an absolute joke that will implode overnight… No one needs to “believe” anyone or gaslight them… all you’ll need to do is just sit back and watch the implosion naturally take place.


lol the main issue is no one is queing bgs… if they do cross faction theres significantly more bgs running so u will see less of the same players? they have no choice because legit no body is pvping in wow atm except the elite 1% who are all jst playing against each other

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Cross faction is ripe for win trading. BlizZard doesn’t have the resources anymore to deal with it.

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I’ve been trying to convince people that this goes way beyond queue manipulation. This is a person issue - these are BAD people. Bad people do not understand right from wrong…

And those that do - simply do not care.

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But I’m sure they’ll do their ‘‘best’’ to win trade as ‘‘fairly’’ as possible.

Not true at all. Blizzard can ban and get rid of whoever they want instantly. They don’t want to get rid of communities that buy tokens for carry’s. pay to win. :trophy: anything that generates token sales is going to stay in the game

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That’s some tin foil hat stuff right there. They can do this now by mercing, but they choose who can go over to the other side. Cross faction eliminates their control over it. Once they find out that, on average, they’ll be fighting 50% of their queue synced group on the other side then any advantage they had is gone. Any reason to queue with others is gone. If they wanted to stack certain players/clases, rely on good players, do certain strats, play with friends - all that goes out the window when it gets split up between teams

Making up scenarios as if “30 on one side and 6 on the other” is going to be guaranteed every game just so you can prove a point shows how little you understand about this

Cross faction would:
-kill sync queue groups
-Make sync queue groups fight each other resulting in, on average, better games


this tinfoil nonsense is equivalent to convincing someone that the vaccine won’t turn them into a super mutant mind controlled by lizardmen in the center of our flat earth

futile effort sadly

Ya, he’s about to reply with some more tin foil hat fun in a second

Yea, it’s such “tinfoil hat nonsense” that it’s already going on via MERC now with complaints all over the forums.

@ Elise ^ Your gaslight is reaching atomic levels at this point.

It’s called adapting and will happen naturally just as stated above. If you stupidly create new ways to exploit things, the exploiting will be rampant as proved already with the current premade nightmare thats more out of control than ever.

It’ll be just, like, I said… POP! Okay, there’s 26 of us on horde and 11 on ally so were going horde this one… Then 8 of the 11 will drop and 2 - 3 will stay because it’s “funny & hilarious” to hamstring the other team and “being the spy is fun”. This happening after cross faction, without a que-sync-fix is as predictable as the sun rising in the morning.


If you want i can make your tinfoil hat into a really neat animal. I could make you an elephant or a tiger?

You’re either clueless and sitting at Dunning-Kruger level 1 on this subject, or a premade, gaslighting troll.

he’s clearly a night elf, man


^ Dude writes – " They can do this now by mercing, but they choose who can go over to the other side." Then claims that people pointing out this exploit and the new exploits that are sure to follow from cross-realm are “crazy and in need of tinfoil hats”… Hilarious…

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If u can provide proof of two or more people mercing and griefing so their sync queue can win I’ll mail you a vhs copy of Goodfellas

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