<Critical Reroll> [A] Recruiting new and veteran players!

Hey y’all! We are a newish guild looking for casual and raiding players for Shadowlands. We pretty much do a little bit of everything, from raiding, to mythic+, to achievement runs, PvP, and anything in between. So if that sounds like your style, then come join us!

We raid Sundays at 7pm-10:30pm CST, with cleanup/extra pulls on new or unfamiliar bosses the following Monday night.

EDIT 1/19/2021: We’re currently 3/10H and working our way through Heroic Nathria and growing our roster!


We plan on raiding on Sundays from 6-10CST and we are thinking of doing another day, possibly during the week. You can message me or any of the other officers (Landivar, Martel) to get an invite, or you can look us up on the Guild finder in game. We look forward to playing with and getting to know you!


We’re still here, waiting for you to join :stuck_out_tongue:

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Come on, I know you want to.

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Still looking for folks?

Yeah! We’re all hanging out doing Shadowlands stuff so if you want to join us just shoot myself, Martel, or Makani a whisper in-game!

To make it easier, add me @ Makaniǃ#1303 on bnet, or Makani#4855 on discord and send me a DM

You can whisper me as well. :blush: Always looking for cool people to hang out with! Martel-Duskwood or Martel#1193

Our first raid will be Sunday 12/13 at 7:00 - 10:30 PM CST. We will be running normal to dip our toe in and learn the fights. We’re starting with one scheduled night a week for raiding, but we plan on having alt/lower difficulty raids on other nights as well.

If you’re interested in M+, we have several tanks, healers, and dps ready to jump into M+ once it releases this week. Come have fun with us!

Hey! Just to update the post, we are 3/10H in Nathria, and working our way through. We are constantly running Mythics/M+ for our members as well as helping with Torghast for anyone who wants it!

Our raid times are 7:00-10:30pm CST on Sunday nights, with cleanup/practice pulls the following Monday night. We are always happy to have new members, so if you want to come chill with us, let one of us (Landivar, Martel, Makk) know! Let’s do this Shadowlands thing!

Another update, we’re now 3/10 heroic, still looking for more. Taking any roll and any class (little light on melee atm though). We’d love to have you!

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We are 9/10 Heroic and looking to bolster our raid team. Message anyone in if you are interested.

We’re still here, gonna start raiding SoD on the 24th! Anyone is welcome, gonna be trying to do everything the game has to offer, let’s be a community together! Feel free to message me in game Makaniǃ#1303 or just apply using the guild finder!