<Crisis Averted>

----WHO WE ARE---- Crisis Averted is a casual raiding guild located on Hyjal consisting of long-time players with a vast amount of raiding experience. Our raiding/guild environment is mostly relaxed as we believe the most crucial thing in the game is having fun. We are looking for like-minded individuals to join our roster. If you’re looking for a guild that wants to progress while not jeopardizing the fun or real life of its members, then we’re the guild for you!
Our guild consists of one night team.

–Current Needs-- We’re currently in need DPS (DK), all positions are welcome.

–Raid Times-- NIGHT RAID Tuesday, Thursday, 7-9pm server.
If you’re interested and would like to talk about possibly joining, please reach out to any of the officers listed below.

Officer Contact: Gm - Duz - Crypticedge#11562 / Zero - Metrosend#1615 / Cath - Cathoir#1901 / Buchina - Gingie#1851