~CRIMSON DAWN~ - (Madoran/Dawnbringer servers, Alliance) Casual, family friendly, guild LFM

~Crimson Dawn~ is a family friendly, casual guild with a strict NO Drama policy. No Drama, No Bull.

~New player and alts friendly!

~Our unique guild culture stems from the idea of how guilds should operate - that a guild exists to the benefit the player, not the other way around. Guild members are helpful, social, and enjoy each other’s company while they enjoy what the game has to offer.

~We aim to provide a helpful and fun place where people can get away from the typical toxic environment that World of Warcraft has become (and been for a long time).

~We are not a hardcore raiding guild. We do on occasion get groups of interested players together to run raids, dungeons, events, etc. for fun. Emphasis on fun! This is a game after all. Games are meant to have fun!

~With a friendly, safe environment, you can always feel free to ask for help and expect a friendly helpful answer. You should never have to fear being belittled or dealing with sarcastic responses. Helping other guild members is highly encouraged.

~This guild was created in 2009 and is one of the longest surviving guilds on Madoran server.

~For more info and to apply visit: bit.ly/apply2CD (case sensitive)
or message in-game Grumplin#1389 or Gallaria (Madoran server) for more info