Crickets from blizzard on the queues

Yeah, you right wing trolls invade all communities and ruin them :frowning: sad

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We are paying them monthly aren’t we?

I would love to be able to tell my boss I don’t want to work on a project because it is too hard.

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Not as easy as the others but definitely something some competent devs could have done ages ago :slight_smile:

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Especially for like the two developers they have working on this.

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In hindsight it might not have been the best decision to keep raising the pop caps for years. But then who could have predicted that accommodating mega-realms to the absolute limit of current technology would result in queues when wrath was released.

You’re under an illusion there’s a decent sized team working on this.

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Maybe closing down servers and offering free transfers to Faerlina, Benediction, and Grobbulus was not a good idea.

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Oh and now you bring up things that aren’t relevant to the topic! and you insult my intelligence, rofl.

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Nope its a Blizzard mess. If you weren’t on Bene or Feralina you wouldnt know that your wrong even though i spelled it out for you. But I’m sure its nice and warm under that rock you’re living under. There should be no line to skip becuase they flooded those 2 servers with thousands of players with 0 management. Just admit you have no idea what’s going on we’ll all be ok with it.

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Didn’t Blizzard state something to the effect that the fix would go against the precious pillars of classic that they want to maintain.

Just curious, OP, what server are you on? I am on Mankrik and just hopped right in.

I too play on mankrik, and it’s just fine. plenty of people, no queue.


Don’t forget their Union breaks.

Would they have to rewrite all the code?

And of course lunch at noon

They have been called out that the servers are not at the current limits of technology.

Yeah, Blizzard is definitely guilty of putting player freedom first to the point where some servers died and other bloated to grotesque levels of population density. I feel that they had good intentions in wanting to let people go where they wanted to be, but at the end of the day, there will always be some discomfort, and I think it would be better for that discomfort to come from strict rules on population distribution rather than coming from the fact that there are so few realms with healthy populations/faction balance.

That being said, we’ve known this for years now, and every whiner on these forums has had more than enough warning of what was to come, especially during pre-patch and launch. I have 0 sympathy for people who knew it was coming, and still decided to stubbornly sit on realms that would be packed far beyond their capacity.

How many people are on the WoW team?

And the cube crawls towards the Body Type 2 coworkers.

Absolutely not