Creation Catalyst half-baked?


Reading the blue post that was released today about Creation Catalyst The Creation Catalyst is Coming the Week of April 12 and how is going to work, for some reason i always thought you would actually be able to farm for a specific piece and use that one with the stats that it currently has, but from what i read today that isnt the case it only retains the tertiary stats (Leech, Speed, etc.), whats the reason behind it?

It would actually make more sense to give players the option to choose between the default stats on the tier piece they are about to create or use the stats of the piece of gear they are using for the creation catalyst.

well, you see, that would give players a degree of freedom with secondary stats, and we already got that with being able to choose our secondaries on our legendaries, can’t have the creation catalyst encroaching there

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So it’s “half-baked” because it doesn’t work the way you thought it did? Fascinating.

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Even though I wish you could do stat exchanges its not that big of an issue. You are creating tier for the effect after all, and historically tier hasn’t always had the best stats but you used it anyway because of the effect on it.

Im happy with the system because we could just have no tier crafting and pray to RNGesus like in the past.

that would be kind of silly considering people already have tier with whatever stats. i’m just totally confused by this why would you not think your getting the same stats as what tier already has.

The argument is that they want to be able to farm up an M+ or PvP piece with the exactly the stats they want and turn that into their set piece, instead of whatever stats that item has as a raid drop. It’s a good idea, but it’s just not the way they implemented this.

it really ain’t for people who already got tier and grinded other gear to get what stats they wanted how is that even remotely fair. i guess everyone can redo tier there is no way that is even close to a good idea. would of been great at start then everyone could have did it but now no way.

Most of the time ilvl trumps secondary stats due to primary stat having such a big effect. For paladin secondary stats don’t even matter its pick the highest item level cause it has the most str.

Everyone’s going to have plenty of charges to make whatever gear they want by the end of the season. “Fairness” isn’t even an issue.

It’s give and take, just be glad we can craft the tier items. I guess their issue was players stat stacking pieces, or feeling like they have to. All in all I’m just glad we get to craft pieces as we get forge charges.

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So can you make a 291 Lego and convert that to tier at that item level?


  • The useable items can be Season 3 gear from raids, Mythic+, PvP, World Boss Antros, or items purchased with Sandworn Relics from Rafiq in Pilgrim’s Grace, Zereth Mortis.

It was definitely not ever explained this way so I’m not sure why you thought it was.

Only half-baked thing about the creation catalyst is they waited WAY too long to release it

I like the system in that it gives value to items people would otherwise pass over or disenchant. Like if 265/278 legs drop that aren’t tier-set people can still roll in order to get the item to convert it next week.

It should have been released this week, but is what it is.