Creation Catalyst Console is ripping players off

I just put in a ticket because the Creation Catalyst Console took 600 Cosmic Flux from me while implying it’d become tier. Then it turned my 252 boots into exactly and precisely the same item, provided a six day cooldown so I can’t get anything out of the Creation Catalyst Console, and took 600 Cosmic Flux from me for nothing at all.

This is like if you took your computer in to get upgraded and the computer technician just took out all the old parts, put them back into the computer, and charged you for the upgrade. It’s clearly not right or working as intended I’m sure. Please fix it so that it doesn’t permit players to put in things that will not change at all and then charge them for it and make them wait a week before they can use the console again; thanks.


I’ll link the post I made on a bug report thread about this since it is relevant to yours:

Edit: it’s also good to note, as others have mentioned in that thread, that you can preview what the item will be converted to before committing the resources, so it’s a good way to ensure you’ll get what you intended.


The Creation Catalyst Console specifically says “Transform a regular item into a set item”, but it does not say that a set item is an improvement. When you place a qualifying item into the Console it provides a preview of the item you will receive.

You can see clearly what benefits the conversion will provide. There is also a confirmation box with a countdown timer, allowing you to fully review what you are exchanging and what you are getting.

I’m sorry, Legend, but our Support staff is not able to refund or otherwise exchange items that you received.

If you wish to see a change tot how the system works you will want to submit feedback so our Game Developers can review it. Customer Support has no input into game design.


Got it.

I will submit the feedback I have through the in-game system. Thanks for the info and I appreciate your time.


There’s a open thread discussing this, probably better to keep it here rather than open a different thread for feedback in the discussion forum.