Crazy lag on retail and classic

Hello, I’ve been experiencing really bad lag in both retail and classic. In retail, it will say my latency spikes into the thousands sometimes while other times it will be around 30-40 ms. There is no huge noticeable difference in lag on retail, however. On classic it’s a different story. Spells will continually cast for a long time like Drain Health for my Warlock, enemies will freeze then start moving while health takes a chunk of damage, wanding will stop and then resume after a minute of freezing, etc. I play on the Thunderfury server in classic with a wired connection. Odd how i went from a WiFi to ethernet connection and my ping only got worse. How is that supposed to work? The lag is so annoying. I would love to post my WinMTR link but the forum “won’t let me post links” when i attach the data.