Crashing on the boat to Exile's Reach

I’m on the boat, haven’t moved yet. First thing you have to do is click OK on the movement tutorial. I click OK, then it says to look around. I try to move the mouse and I get D/C’d. This is happening over and over again.

Most mouse issues i either experienced or read about on the boat were caused by Addons.

OK, I’ll disable all addons, but I deleted the toon and made another and started in Northshire Abby. Same issue. Additionally, I click on mobs and it takes several clicks before it registers that I want to target. Have to click numerous times to turn in quests and pick up quests. It’s acting very odd.

EDIT: Disabling addons worked. Apparently you have to disable addons for all toons individually.

But all of my other toons that I have leveled, I have no issues. Only these newly created ones.

The same thing happens to me.

After you D/C, disable all of your addons via character selection screen, restart the game, then log back onto the character in Exile’s Reach.

This also happened to me. First thing i did was disable all addon. Still continued to happen. I was experimenting with the Steam Deck, so I switched to my laptop. Crashed at the exact same spot.

The thread you are responding to is over 2 years old. We ask that if you are experiencing an issue and cannot find a current active thread to post in, to create a new post with the details of the issue.

As for your current issue, there is a situation we are aware of when a character leaves the game (crash, disconnection, logout etc…) while still on the starting boat in the new player experience. This will desync the character’s in game location. Typically you can use the character stuck service on the website to move the character but in the case of the new player zone, it doesn’t typically work.

In those cases the only solution is to delete the character and remake. Once created you must stay logged into the character until you finish the boat section. (Takes a couple of minutes) and once you reach land you should be safe to login and out normally.)

If you find yourself consistently getting disconnected or crashing, then that is a different issue (the character getting stuck simply a side effect) and I would make a new post with those details and include system information requested in this pinned post.