Crashing, freezing, and stuttering after 8.3 [Intel GPUs]

Same problem, macbook pro 2017.

Visions are basically impossible to do as of right now.


Same issue all over Uldum. My crashes were at 1-10 sec, now they completely crash my computer requiring hard boot. '15 MBP. Also happens during bee event now.


Now the problem has progressed from intermittent screen freezes to crashing the entire computer


So far, placing the game back into DX11 Legacy (from regular DX11) has saved me from the memory leaking.

Same issue here game keeps freezing lost my daily quest for visions.

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Yeah ive had my game crash twice as a result and failed the daily quest for 2k coalescing visions

same thing here caused me to die in a vision losing thousands of coalescing visions

how do I put it back to dx11 legacy? the only graphics setting api choice is metal for me

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2016 MacBook Pro and I’m having the same issues. I’ve tried changing the graphics to the lowest settings that I can bare them at and turning the automatic graphics switching off and on. Nothing seems to help.

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I’m having the same issue on MBP 2017, the game has always run smooth enough but now I’m getting these 10 second freezes into a crash every 5 minutes. Please help Blizz

From Everything I’ve seen they just want to blame our hardware in other places than the forums, this is not a hardware issue at all


Same issue cannot even complete Magni intro quests on MacBook Pro


Same issue. 2017 MacBook Pro - have tried low resolution mode, freeze still persists. Most pronounced in instances. Worked fine prior to new release on 1/14 (played without any issues at all that morning prior to patch and 1/13)

First noticed freeze in instance on low char in instance (Stormwind Stockades) but also in Suramar City and lower traffic areas.

Adjusted WoW to start in “low res” mode - no effect. Adusted down all manual settings - no effect. Reset UI - no effect.

I am expecting this issue to be resolved eventually (as they usually are) - but its a pain for those of us really wanting to engage in the new content but can not even effectively participate in the old content. Is it to much to ask for QA to also run mac tests as thoroughly as they run Windows tests so mac users can look forward to new releases rather than dreading them?

edit: I have also tweeted this to @blizzardCS for added attention.


To fix the fuzzy graphics go to interface and adjust screen size till it’s correct


Would be nice to get a blue post at least acknowledging they’re aware of the issue.


I’m having same issue all my spec are up to date tried all the fixes and nothings working I can’t get thru the starting quest with out freezing and then shutting down I had no issues prior to patch and I would play for 5+ hrs at a time and no I can’t play at all this is garbage…is anyone at dev team even looking at this ?

Doubtful that they are. The least they could do is acknowledge the issue even if they don’t have a fix on hand


Having the same issues… it’s extremely frustrating! The game was running fine before the this latest patch.


WoW crashes after about 45 seconds of game play on a fresh install of macOS Catalina, with a fresh copy of WoW and a new Admin account. Here’s the crash thread—thoughts?

pastebin: XaM8zkam


What are your computer specs?

If you have a computer with an integrated and a dedicated graphics card, try turning off automatic graphics switching to force the use of the dedicated card. (That’s been a common issue in Catalina.)

Link to the error report: