Crashing, freezing, and stuttering after 8.3 [Intel GPUs]

Do they remove your 120 boosted character?

So some of you got some success being refunded for your shadowlands preorder? if so I need to get on that immediately I could use that hunk of cash back lol, blizzard doesn’t deserve it


Do not know or care. I wasted it on a class I am REALLY glad I did not level (monk) I will check after I eat but I’m just glad I got something refunded after this mess

lmao just asking because I actually spent time gearing the character I boosted ( a Resto druid) mythic progress and all…

I’m bout to see if I can get on that too though lol

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Over 20K views on this topic… Assuming those are “unique”… Hey Blizz CS/QC!!! 20,000 x $50 for Shadowlands and 20,000 x $15/mo is no small chunk of change. We are waiting, but not much longer… 2 weeks is long enough, or rather too long. Yes, I know we are on /ignore, but just saying…


Hey again all,

We just synced again with the devs and wanted to let you know that we’re still working on this - emphasis on actively working. While I can’t share exact specifics as to what has been done thus far, I can at least give you all a bit of a peek behind the curtain, as we feel you deserve that right now. Hopefully this post at least gives you a bit of insight as to what’s been going on over the past couple weeks. Before I get too deep into it - I wanted to clarify something.

This investigation is for players with Intel graphics cards. Some of the players posting in this thread have other graphics chips, and your crashes may not be related to what we are investigating at all. If you are using a Mac with a Nvidia or AMD graphics card, we recommend that you try troubleshooting the crash instead of waiting on updates, as there are several things that cause crashes other than this specific bug. Since the bug has been tracked down to happening with Intel machines, what we do to fix this is unlikely to have any impact on crashes for anybody who uses a different GPU. I’ve updated the thread title to clarify this.

With that out of the way, let’s talk some about where we were earlier this month, and where we are now. When we got the initial report of this bug, we had our Quality Assurance folks look into it, and they helped us find some scenarios where the crashes happened. That was what we tried to fix with the hotfix we mentioned above. Unfortunately, the problem was deeper than what we initially had identified. On behalf of all of us at Blizzard I wanted to apologize that we set kind of a bad expectation earlier in the thread. We thought we fixed the problem, we were wrong, and so we went back to the drawing board.

Without going into the complete technical details, we’ve spent more time reproducing things with Quality Assurance, found more problems, and tried more code tweaks to fix the things we’ve found since the initial hotfix attempts. None of our tweaks, however, have been successful enough (as indicated by the thread) which is why we aren’t out here telling you to re test things right now. If we had more good news to share, we would, but the best we can really tell you is that we have people actively trying to unravel this complicated thread. We’re aware that this is not the experience you expect of the game or deserve, and I promise that once we have something more meaningful to share, we’ll let you know ASAP.

In the mean time, I again thank all of you for continuing to report issues as you see them. They’re extremely invaluable when we have our QA team try to reproduce situations and help us narrow down what the common denominator might be. For those of you who do still want to report issues as you come across them, this information tends to be the most helpful in case we need to look in extra areas to make sure we have a fix.

Where were you in game when the crash happened?: 
What were you doing when the crash happened?: 
What error message did you get (if any)?: 
What character/class you were playing when it happened?: 
Was there any other notable behavior before the lockup occurred or anything you want to add?:

For the rest, we understand if you’d prefer to just lurk. As I mentioned earlier, we’ll keep you posted on this as we can, but even if we aren’t posting, we’re keeping an eye on the thread and forwarding any information of note.


I was just going ot say this.

First, if you’re experiencing any issues on Windows, switching your API from DX12 to DX11 may increase stability at the cost of increased computer resources. This is the nature of DX12 vs DX11. By design, DX12 removes a lot of overhead but is harder to implement. This is why a lot of AAA games that just released still use DX11. With each patch, WoW’s DX12 stability has gotten worse. For a short time it was great. Changing to DX11 will increase input lag as well. Full screen borderless DX11 games are passed through the DWM. DX12 is not. It is rendered independently of DWM. On lower end pcs, this may not be what you want to do. You could actually decrease your game performance and make your computer work harder. Laptops beware. With this information you can make a better informed decision.

I have a hackintosh. macOS on unofficial, traditional PC hardware. It’s a 6600K with an RX580 using SMBIOS 17,1. I used to play WoW on this install but given how I game more than anything, I just continued to game on Windows where the rest of them are. I do not experience any of these issues people have commented they are having. There is no alternative to the Metal Graphics API within WoW. DX is a Windows exclusive. WoW did offer OpenGL but was removed a few patches ago after Apple declared it depreciated. Vulkan is the only other API that will work on Mac, but WoW does not have it implemented. It’s similar to DX12, being a low level API. Out of curiosity, I used a ACPI patch temporarily disable the RX580 and connected to the HD530. Crashes started happening within minutes. It is a memory leak. The VRAM for the IGPU was consumed rather quickly. And leaving nothing else for the OS to use, the system crashed.

I’d like to start off by saying thank you blizzard for giving us an explanation as to what you have been doing and i’d like to answer your questions. When the freezing and crashing first started i was doing the light puzzle scenario during the cloak questline. I have also been experiencing freezing and crashing when doing dailies in uldum and vale, and even in the ny’alotha raid and bfa dungeons. I also experience it when in a large group like when fighting a rare or fighting the world boss. I never got an error message and I play a Havoc Demon Hunter. The only thing that would happen before I got the rainbow circle popping up on my screen before is lots of lag sometimes I would stop lagging and i would find myself dead, almost dead, or somewhere else. other times I would see the rainbow circle go away but id still be frozen forcing me to reset my computer completely, this would mostly happen when in the ny’alotha raid. I also notice a lot of lag when a lot of flashy animations are happening like projectiles being thrown at you and a circle on the ground indicating where the projectile would land. I think that about covers all my issues.


but blizz is saying no compensation, so if no compensation. refund pls because there’s still no eta and its about to be feb. this isn’t a beta game lol this a game u pay for so ima need my money ran back fr cus what did I pay for at this point… ill just pay up whenever this gets fixed.
anyways thank u drakuloth for an update <3


Thanks for the update, Drakuloth.


Thanks for the update


Thank you for an update. Is there any plans to somehow help Mac users catch up since everyone is behind on the cloak and raid?

Or are we all SOL? The least you could do is let people know they will be getting some extra vessels since PC players are so far ahead now. Send two vessels to Mac players for every week this isn’t fixed. It’s simple and would go a long way.


well unfortunately we all now know we are not getting a fix to what seems like could be a hot minute lol


My demon hunter, whenever i log onto him on my mac with an intel card, cant even go ten seconds until my computer turns off. he’s in Uldum, can’t even go long enough to open a map before my game is crashing.

Version 10.15.2 (19C57)
MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB

Thanks for the update, Drakuloth

I was experiencing the lockups when a group of players start doing their spells and attacks, anywhere in the world, but is a lot worse in instances.

I didn’t get any error message, the computer will just restart or stay locked until I hard reset it. I play firemage.

Hope the information is usefull

Where were you in game when the crash happened?: Every where, as so as other players get on screen or when the background graphics get too busy. It does not take much.

What were you doing when the crash happened?: Just normal quests, also pvp, also any group thing, everything. Lower, single player things work fine. I have been on my 17 pally and been able to get to 17 with playing alone. You can not go in to any dungeon runs or pvp, with out the issue happening.

What error message did you get (if any)?: none, wheel pops up and freezes if you do it more than once too fast than computer restarts

What character/class you were playing when it happened?: Again, all.

Was there any other notable behavior before the lockup occurred or anything you want to add?: lag, I also do not understand why I have it set at 1 for graphic but it clearly still has a 4 look to it.

I do not have any add-ons at all. I play just as the game comes from your battle net app.

On an added note, how is it that you can not see this happening? Does no one that works there own a Mac? If you need one come get mine. My game time is up soon. I just returned in Nov from 7 years away. Since you are not refunding time, and wont. I will add, I am done once my time runs out. I will toy around with what I can until then in hopes to get something for my money.


Thank you for the update, however I see no time frame on resolving the issue. Understood, make no promises you cannot keep, it’s a complex problem… My game time runs out it 2 weeks and I will probably let it if we don’t have a resolution by then. My problem is, I am the GM of my main’s guild. I worked so hard all summer and fall to rebuild our raid team and now?.. so much egg on my face that I cannot raid because my game freezes on pull. I set gearing rules and now cannot rank my cloak and fall further and further behind. I will probably have to hand over Guild Master to someone else. Great… We have already lost some of our best raiders because of these issues.

I have the freezing/spinning wheel of death on any group /instance contest. Most notable, on the stairs of the cathedral in the Stormwind Horrific Vision (3 vessels blown, balance druid and frost mage) and world bosses, rares, and final invasions bosses. The minor visions (all classes i play) are horrible and often mean a restart and failure. There are too many players in the zone in minor visions! If I am soloing a rare and someone comes along to tag it, bam, freeze… I have found some improvement if I simply tag and get as far back as I can from the target, turn and look away from the target.


How are you guys getting refunds/in game tickets? I tried in-game ticket but it just throws me back to the web site and that doesn’t let me submit one. At this point, I just give up. I want my 163k gold token back and to cancel my sub until the new expansion. Tired of this.


Thank you bliz, I do not plan on resigning or preorder again until it’s actually resolved but at least you replied.

Still think it’s funny you didn’t until people started to talk about canceling preorders but a response is a response

I play this lock mostly but once the crashes and freezes started I tried to play a shaman vulp and a dh night elf. All this f which crashed in solo open world content and dg/ raid content

Out of curiosity, I used a ACPI patch temporarily disable the RX580 and connected to the HD530. Crashes started happening within minutes. It is a memory leak. The VRAM for the IGPU was consumed rather quickly. And leaving nothing else for the OS to use, the system crashed.

I’m certain that it’s Intel’s most recent driver. In Boot Camp, I updated the driver from the release that came with Boot Camp from 2016 to the Intel driver dated 9/25/2019, and immediately started having crashes. As soon as I rolled back the driver, I have had zero crashes (boot camp side). Something is fishy with how this game interacts with that specific driver and I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple placed the Mac version of this driver in software updates.