Crashing, freezing, and stuttering after 8.3 [Intel GPUs]

I have at this point deemed the freezings to be a feature of 8.3. To test wows users to see if they are insane enough to play because my god this is bad. The freezing is so bad my windowed “work around” now just [blacks out the game screen and again freezes my MacBook

Lookup markmetlerjr on imgur since I can’t post a link here…


I got a new error message while I was completely frozen in an island.


Please fix and communicate with us about the issue with the intel graphics cards on Mac.

I can’t even be in vale or this happens today imgur link /0GMVNZu.jpg

Yeah, I just checked out. Lucky, since my sub is up tomorrow. Gameplay is debilitating and paying $15/mo to do nothing makes no sense

I am going insane. I crashed on a horrific vision. 8.3 is going to drive me crazy. They promoted this patch correctly.


Battle for Azeroth 8.3 - Info & Known Issues This page, search for ‘mac’.

as a reminder to others, this is true, UNLESS you have a machine that has ThunderBolt 3, if you do then you can plugin an AMD based eGPU (external GPU). So you could buy a new/newer Mac mini and/or MacBook Air for much cheaper, and still plug in an eGPU.

Thank you! I was overlooking it XD

dude clean your dang computer screen

I shouldn’t have to use bootcamp to be able to play.
I shouldn’t have to lower graphic settings to play.
I shouldn’t have to break bank and buy an eGPU for the game to be playable.
I shouldn’t have to hop on another computer to be able to play when I bought the game for my Mac.

refund us our money or give us a useful update … we bought the game for our Macs and for a lot of us this was false advertisement because the game isn’t working. At least say Mac won’t be supported anymore or you’re goin to have to go above and beyond to be able to play the game on a Mac.

a lot of us spent over 100 dollars on this game… this just isn’t fair.


Honestly, this is kind of getting out of control. I’ve lost 2 keys for horrific visions because, losing that progress right away because I thought the patch would be okay to use on a system that Blizzard claims to support. The second one I lost because I trusted the fix to actually fix the issue. What’s the point of paying for a game when you can’t raid, do dungeons, or any of the other main parts of the content they advertised for this patch? Any sort of communication would be minimum. But it has been days since anything of substance at all.


Kinda sad how they just care about taking everyone’s money and not fixing a problem

Fail millennial developers have no clue how to fix it only make more sh!tty maps and draw cartoons… maybe wow can hire someone who can read an error log, and take some action instead of feeding us bullsh!t, forcing us to buy new computers, hardware, or find another game…

Response to my Ticket: watch this post…

I’m watching. Nothing.

No updates, no solution, no refunds, no responsibility. #milleniallifestyle


So I guess they posted on the EU forum for ALL Mac players saying they won’t give up but uhhh I’m not seeing any progress lol

I still have the issues, nothing has change, thinking of buying a PC now and send invoice to blizz :innocent:

They’re gonna tell you to screw off lmaooo

Maybe separate your technical issues from your generational prejudices, mmkay?


Where is the downvote for ignorance option…You want to complain about younger generations go to Reddit. - Sincerely a Millennial


No one cares about you crying about being a millennial or attacking said Millennials. Just FIX the damn Game.


I haven’t logged into the game in three days, waiting for my game time to run out at this point. It’s too frustrating being in game knowing I can’t do seventy-five percent of the content. Honestly that percentage is being very generous.