Crash bug in Stormwind harbor

There’s a specific spot in Stormwind harbor, specifically the front right (starboard) part of the slanted Boralus boat that if you enter the water there, you crash to login. If you relog into the character, you get about a half second before you crash again. You could theoretically use this time to bit by bit swim away from the crash area, however I keep spawning above the water and spend my alotted half second falling and immobile. I can no longer play my primary character, and a few of my friends have lost a character trying to fish me out, as we now know the air above the water will dismount you and then crash. Why this happens and if it has to do with the Boralus boat being slanted (idk if that’s a bug too) I do not know. If a gm could at least move my character from the harbor to somewhere else in Stormwind, that would be appreciated because I could start playing my main again.
edit: the area I’m talking about is right in front of the big northrend boats on land, I went there on my dwarf and I can’t see the boralus boat, don’t know if that’s a story progression thing or a bug thing. The boralus boat not the one that actually goes to boralus, it’s the one next to that dock though.