Crafting:Optional reagent slot locked. Help!

I have an alt that I didn’t do much of the story/chapter quests with. I got my JC to Rank 4 for ring slot on an alt to make for a main. When I hover over the optional reagent slot, that will be used for the new vestige reagent, It says "Assist the Runecarver further to unlock this knowledge.". I cant fine anything about it other than saying the Maw quests.

Im 3/9 chapters in: Chains of Domination
2/9 in the covenant campaign chapters
3/7 in Secrets of the first ones(Not that this one matters but still)

Its strange because the runecarver is unlocked for me on this alt. The box of many things is unlocked. I cant see what im missing.

I believe if you go to Zareth Mortis on a crafting toon you’ll very quickly get a quest item to unlock the optional slot, though I’m not 100% sure it works retroactively. Other than that, I’m not sure what gates it, but you might have to own one of the patterns to modify ilvl and lvl req, which can be found on the archivist’s codex rep vendor in korthia.

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You may have to go further in the Korthia campaign. IIRC, characters with crafting received a recipe for that automatically when completing one of those chapters, but I don’t remember which one. Sorry.

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Thank you! Ya a gm responded pretty quickly on this saying its tied to " The last sigal" So half of Korthia campaign.


Yes, but to unlock THAT you have to complete the entire Covenant Campaign… which they said they were going to provide a skip for on alts but then changed their minds.
I, too, just got my JC to Rank 4 only to learn I have to waste more time before I can hope to make any profits from all this money lost crafting.


So I have to do all my covenant campaign? And then do some last sigil quest in Korthia?

yes you do as i am doing myself

Dang dude. I spent all day trying to figure this out. This is a lot off bullsh!t to do just so I can try to raid and play the game.

Wow, have to go through all that boring as Hell crap? Hard pass. It wasn’t that engaging the first go around and I don’t care to go through it all again.

Semper Fi! :us: :ukraine:

I have a leatherworker, jewelcrafter, and tailor that haven’t completed their covenant campaigns and used the Korthia skip and they were all able to unlock the Zereth Mortis crafting boosts once they had completed the Crown of Wills part of the story.

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Have you tried to use them? I did that on my Lock for tailoring and was able to get the recipe and make the item BUT couldn’t USE it. I was so frustrated.

I had to go back and finish my covenant campaign and the Last Sigil in Korthia.

So if you haven’t used them yet to make a level 7 base, you should check. If you can use them then this is a recent fix I the past few weeks.

My tailor is the only one to have a base rank 3 item; capes and has been able to make a rank 6 and then craft legendaries with them. The other two have been able to use the item to make a basic 262 unique equipped item and the item that makes a rank 1 a rank 4 and have made a legendary with that, I don’t raid at all so those are fine for my alts. Those were unlocked after they completed the story through the Crown of Wills.

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Just wanted to clarify for anyone wanting level 7. The campaign and Korthia skips bite you in the rear for the highest crafting.


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it’s insane that i had to look so far to find this info. it’s even worse that i actually have to do the entire campaign again just to make current level base legendaries. this will be my 6th time doing the NF campaign. ridiculous


You can start The Last Sigil covenant campaign chapter as soon as you reach Renown level 44.

Buy a [Broker Mark of Distinction] for 500g next to the Oribos FP to get insta 40 renown.

Big Shout out to @Grarn big thanks 100% worked for me without all that extra crap, Did the crown of wills instead of campaign stuff and mine unlocked

Ugh… the whole point of me wanting to use the vestige of the devourers was so I didn’t have to run every alt through the ZM campaign… but I can’t actually USE the thing unless I go through the bulk of it and do Crown of Wills on every one of my crafters which entirely defeats the purpose for me. Why?

Shouldn’t the Korthia skip unlock that optional reagent skip since chapter 3 of Korthia was what originally unlocked it?