Cracked Titan Gem -

I found it- get to use it for a whole month before its worthless … thanks

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Imagine thinking it’s worthless in a month but still coming here to complain about getting the drop nonetheless.


Yeah it’s not going to be worthless next tier. Less detrimental to not have, perhaps, but not worthless.

It’s equivalent to a 480 in terms of how strong it is.

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I hate it when people come here to cousin.


Cousining is the biggest epidemic on these forums; thank you for your support.

You are not alone in your crusade against it. There are dozens of us…dozens!

just like EVERY other legendary in the history of wow.

Doubt it. Good chance it’ll be great, or even BiS, a good ways into next patch.

I still haven’t got mine, I’ve got a lovely pile of [Bad Luck Protection] though.

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Pretty sure they said it would be upgradable for the expansion somewhere? Though I could be wishful thinking.

Anyway still not gotten myself one to drop… :frowning:

It’s gone on to long to drop. Why play to get it now? Most people dipped till next patch and you can’t see it on your model.

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Strong reasoning right here

Still haven’t got mine. Lol

Don’t think I’ll waste the money/resources crafting it if it does drop.

have had the mats sitting in the bank since like early 10.1, still no luck. misery.

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Yeah I mean it’s not my main for next tier but I still do it every week. What is this, 20 resets now?

It’s just pure stubborn spite that keeps me doing it, and blizzard hasn’t disappointed.


Im in the same boat. At this point I am just putting salt in the wound. I doubt they will do anything. The influencers have theirs so no one is going to bring attention to the issue. Imagine that the people who could actually make a difference already got theirs.

Lucky…I’m still waiting for the gem to drop. Having story and a legendary be an random drop is disappointing. Wish they learned from Legion about legendary behind random drops.

It finally dropped for me today, I’m still debating if I want to even craft it i stopped playing for the most part a few months ago.