CR and EXP newb questions


I’m pretty new to arena. I have some questions:

  1. Can someone explain to me the difference between CR and EXP?

  2. Question how rating works: Do I need to win a game at a rating to get the weekly reward, or only win a game and end up at that rating? (Example, if my rating is 1399, and I win a game, ending over 1400, do I get the 1400 weekly reward?)

Thanks in advance!

CR is current rating. So let’s say my mage is at 1300 CR because it’s just getting going this season. EXP or XP is experience. It’s the rating you have experience at. I have 2100 BFA XP and 1300 CR. It’s another data point to help you find arena partners. I would always keep your XP at minimum to current expansion. Like 3300 in Cata doesn’t mean anything in BFA.

Also you only need one win at the cutoff to get that gear (pending you cap) so if you win at 1401 and cap but end the week at 1379 you get 1400 gear.


That makes sense. That you for the response!

You also need to get 500 conquest points to cap weekly for the chest.