Covenants in Shadowlands and swapping specs

Hi, I dont have beta access but I have been reading a lot about the covenants. Can someone correct me and teach me something I may or may not be right about.

Covenants are basically a reputation that you work with in order to obtain very specific abilities or enhancements to your spec. Conduits are like talents from that covenant that apply to your spec.

You can never change covenants or conduits?

If what I am reading is true this is by far the worst design ever. To give major buffs and extra talents to your spec that you choose without an option of ever respeccing is just gamebreaking in my opinion.

For instance I love tanking, but if I wanted to go to my dps spec my covenant/conduits would be centered around my tanking spec therefore gimping my dps spec? Same as any other time you may want to swap specs which I am sure a majority of us swap specs constantly.

Please tell me I am wrong because I am not prepared to make 2 to 4 versions of the same character with different specs to play, nor do I want to be locked down to a particular spec and feel that I am not as good if I swap specs.

Lastly, I am sure with the meta we have that if a person swapped specs and their covenants/conduits were for another spec they might have to sit out or not be able to get into that raid or mythic or anything because of this.

Thank you all


Not in beta either, but my understanding is that you can swap covenants, and swapping into a new covenant is easy. It becomes a problem when you want to swap back into a covenant you were already in, and it’s still possible, just a grind. As for conduits, I think you can swap each individual one out once every 7 days.

Everything is saved to that spec. All you have to do is change specs and then select what soulbinds and conduits you want for that spec. If you switch out of your DPS spec back to your Tanking spec, all the conduit/soulbind combinations are saved to that specific spec.

You’ll be fine. Like any other expansion, there will be ceilings if you pug and not group with friends.

I thought that if it was the same soulbind, and your path ran over a slot that already had a conduit in it, you couldn’t change that conduit per spec, except for 7 day cooldown, is that not correct?

From the way it was described, each spec will have their own soulbind and conduit configurations, where you can switch out and change all your conduits once a week per spec.

So you change your spec once per week, what purpose could they be trying for by locking it for 7 days at a time. I change specs multiple times daily depending on what I want to do or am needed to do at that particular time.

This is a terrible decision it seems.

Joining a Covenant is about being a part of a new, specific society with a unique position, duties, values, ect in the greater Shadowlands cosmology and the whole concept is built upon it being a singular choice, just like race and class, that will inform your character’s identity the entire time they are in the Shadowlands. To reduce it to just abilities is missing the point.

If the whole concept is a singular choice all classes would only have 1 spec. As far as identity goes, a feral druid is still a druid as in a resto guardian or balance. Same as all other classes.

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As I understand it:

  • You’re allowed to change your spec whenever you want.
  • You’re allowed to change which of the 3 soulbinds is active whenever you want.
  • You’re allowed to change the path through the soulbinds whenever you’re in town.
  • You’re only allowed to replace the gem-like conduits in the soulbind once a week.
  • Upgrading a conduit is automatic.
  • You’re only allowed to switch covenants once a week. And going back to an old covenant is harder.

Thank Yukine that sounds reasonable. It was my understanding which seems to be wrong now is that a soulbind effects a certain spell you have, for example I am resto and it increases my rejuvenation. If I swap specs I would be forced to keep that soulbind although I swapped to guardian to tank an instance.

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