Covenant Legendary Tuning

Brah what are you even saying lmao, listen im sry hunters aren’t so great right now but come on that lego nerf for fury was stupid af and def needed to be reverted

Kinda like how hunters were S tier while fury was a joke pre 9.1. They fixed it and I assume most of this tuning is directly addressing the insane amount of damage you will do in max ilvl.

I am aware.

I’ve also raided the new raid. The first 20% of pretty much all the bosses have been standstill blow them up phases. The mechanics don’t tend to kick in for real until after that.
The last 20% have tended to be burn phases as well. Or they are burn phases with movement that either doesn’t prevent you from continuing to hit the boss, or else movement that you can do inside of a GCD (like the advancing spike traps).

Sure, there are exceptions. That’s why you have more than 1 legendary.

On the other hand, Bliz seems to be willing to give back a .5 second, so at least you can have some space to weave back in things like CS.

It sounds like you’ve raided normal, maybe a few bosses on heroic. It doesn’t sound like you’ve actually looked at all of the fights in depth from a Warrior’s perspective. Keep in mind that the burn phases of bosses also tend to be the most dangerous where people are dying, which makes maximizing a throughput spec/legendary more difficult than you might think.

  • The Terragrue becomes a kite and kill fight at 10% and the Warrior will generally be pretty high on aggro after tanks. Hopefully they can kite, otherwise you’re going to be the third one dead in most cases.

  • Eye of the Jailer eye beam takes you out of range (technically you can bypass it with Door of Shadows, but the timing is pretty tricky due to the cast time). While this is only one mechanic that doesn’t happen too frequently, it’s a good 10-15s in which Reck can fall off completely.

  • The Nine Fragments of Destiny will take you off the boss, and you can be targeted with it multiple times if you’re unlucky. Hopefully you have fast dispels and the raid knows how to handle it quickly. That aside, you still have to deal with downtime from Wings of Rage or Mighty Anvil, and won’t be able to soak Falling Strike.

  • Fatescribe Extemporaneous Fate can randomly force you off the boss, as can Call of Eternity (8s, which is more than half the duration of Reck).

  • Kel’Thuzad has multiple execute phases, but none of them last long enough to give any value to Sinful Surge in the first place.

  • Sylvanas is an absolutely terrible fight for Condemn, aside from the fact that Phase 1 isn’t a very important damage check, there’s so much movement you could not possibly hope to ever maintain any semblance of a rotation. Fury might actually be the worst single target spec for that fight.

That leaves four encounters - Ner’zhul, Soulrender, Painsmith, and Guardian that you can depend on getting good uptime. Even they all have mechanics which take you off the boss, but they’re more easily recoverable.

You realize Fury doesn’t even have CS right? Condemn also has a cooldown and so you don’t “weave” anything in between it. This is a really good example as to why you shouldn’t pretend to be an authority regarding things you don’t actually have any experience with.

You only figured that out just now?

We’ve added one additional update, which is now available for testing on the PTR along with the rest of this package.

Kyrian – Divine Resonance: Reduced the duration of Divine Resonance to 15 seconds (was 30 seconds).


That feels excessive. My excitement for that legendary just dropped like a rock, maybe I should have switched classes after all

I’m just trying to wrap my head around needing a 50% nerf to something a week before it goes live, if there needs to be broader focus on these things during the PTR, give us guidance to hammer it there.

Especially when, to my knowledge, this particular legendary wasn’t that strong to begin with. It just seemed fun.

Edit: I feel for folks that did a covenant swap with this in mind and now have to switch back, didn’t even think of that until just now


Why make new legandaries but then make them less and less exciting and then no one makes them? Could just save a lot of people working on making them time and like not if you’re gonna do this


This nerf should only be for Ret.

Prot as a spec is not considered “strong” by the community and Holy won’t even use Divine Res. This is an extreme change that you’re applying globally to all Paladin specs that value this legendary differently.

I was planning to go Venthyr for this tier but I stayed Kyrian as Prot for this legendary. This is a massive bait and switch to do this on the Friday before it goes live.


Wouldn’t want prot to have any kind of tanky option… you guys are a joke.


Why… Just why? Prot and ret Pallys finally felt like they had a chance to compete in m+ or even in raids. Lets nerf them into the ground.


Such a stupid decision, prot is already the worst tank lmao
And a 50% nerf? What a joke


And now the Kyrian Legendary is useless for Prot Paladins, good job.


Kyrian Paladins are in shambles KEKW


Seems both excessive and crappy to do 3 days before it goes live =/


Was curious if a 5-10% hammer of wrath proc rate increase was coming to final verdict to keep it the pure single target go-to. Suppose this accomplishes it in another way. Wish I didn’t already get the crafting base.

PVE once again getting PVP nerfs here, or what?


So the legendary is dead now? Good use of developer time.


That feel when i as a NightFae prot warrior some how won the lotto for legendaries.
BiS legendary to start for raiding - the wall
New dominion items
New coventent legendaries.
Still BiS for prot warriors is the wall on your back piece…feels good man for once.

Be nice to see some tuning for the necrolord/night fae paladin covenant legendaries. I kind of get the feeling those 2 covenants have just been written off for paladins, especially the super bland design of the necrolord one.


Nerf Endless Thirst and Sinful Hysteria for boomkins. You probably have to gut it because that’s how much better it is than everything else.

Buff Celestial Spirits more. I don’t want to swap covenants.