Couple LF Guild

Hi All! We are an older couple looking for a guild of like-minded people who enjoy playing
WoW together. We are hoping for a friendly guild that does some normal/heroic raiding –
maybe mythic eventually – but not a super serious or hardcore group. We are long time players
who have been regularly playing since pre-BC launch and enjoy all aspects of the game. Also,
we have not raided in a long time, but are dedicated players who are very character-aware and
willing/able to learn new material.
We are both friendly and fun and are hoping to find a group of adults who in a similar place
wanting to not be super hardcore but still have a good time playing this game. If it sounds like
this might be your guild, please add me to chat on battlenet at MamaBear#1385.

Sent you a friend request in game.
Our guild is beginning to run raids. We have a solid group but we havent really gotten into raiding yet. ids say we are 60% know raiding and have done it and 4 0% are still new.
Legends of the fall is an alliance family friendly casual and capable guild on Whispwrwind. We plan to raid on Wednesdays and Thursday nights, and do mount and xmog runs on Mondays. We will have a dungeon night and other activities through the week as well.

Legends of the fall is a safe environment with a positive atmosphere. Many of us have just came back from a break and getting back into the swing of things so that we run smoothly when Shadowlands is released. We are very supportive of one another and we help each other level (even if we are having to run lower level content).

By joining Legends of the Fall you are guaranteeing that you will never fall in a hole alone, you will have a team member by your side or we will follow you!

We expect our members to have the same mindset of being positive, supportive, and helpful with no negativity, toxic/abusive traits, or unwelcomed behavior toward others. We like to laugh with each other and learn. The more the merrier, so bring your friends, and transfer your toons!

We are also running out first run tonight for raid if your interested