Coup de Grâce Recruiting for Mythic

We are currently recruiting experienced DPS for our mythic team. We’ve got open spots in our roster and are willing to test people if you are prepared. Priority classes are Warlock & Rogue. We are also open to other classes, especially DPS with tank offspec (DK, Warrior), Spriest, and Ele/Enh Shaman. Other dps specs on case by case basis.

We’re looking for skilled players who are patient, smart, and willing to grind out mythic and keep a good attitude doing it. We like to have fun and joke around a lot during raid, but players should know when to focus and take a fight seriously. We typically trial players in mythic+ runs and on our heroic nights for a week or 2 before bringing them into mythic.

Raids: We are currently running one progression raid team, with one alt night.
Tuesday, Wednesday, 9:00pm-11:30 EST (7:00-9:30 ST)
Sunday 8-11:30 pm EST (6:00-9:30 ST)
*Optional alt run on Thursday at 9:30pm EST for either normal or heroic depending on the group’s ability.

Please feel free to contact the following officers to inquire about the guild:
— Wyldfire
— Warpaladin
— Ogomen (GermanDeath#1174)