Coup de Grace Recruiting for H/M Raids

[A] < Coup de Grâce> Recruiting for H/M progression [US – Azjol Nerub]

~About Us~

We’re a semi-hardcore raiding guild established in 2008, with a fair number of our core players being part of the guild for much of that time. We value community as well as progress and try our best to run events outside of raids including regular mythic+ runs (with some pushing 20 keys), AmongUs/Jackbox games, transmog/achievement runs, and hosting communities/servers in other games.


Tuesday 6-9pm ST (8-11pm EST)

Sunday 6-9pm ST (8-11pm EST)

Our goal is to push through AOTC quickly and continue as far as we can go in mythic in a low time commitment. We’re looking for players who are patient, smart, want to improve together, have a good attitude, and can contribute to a high skill environment where we can trust each other. We like to have fun and joke around a lot during raid but also know when to focus up and down that boss.

Please feel free to add me for any questions about the guild or our application process at:

Discord: Wyld#5552

Bnet: Wyldfire#1327