Could we please get a glyph or better yet an update of the Felguard to the Legion Felguard model?

The default Felguard is extremely ugly, not to mention a dated model. An infinitely superiour model is already in game.

The art team has been doing phenomenal work since Legion.

Can Demonology Warlock please have an update to the model of their main pet?

The existing Felguard glyph remains for those who would rather stick to the current, extremely ugly version.

Please Blizzard.


i use the glyph to make it a wrath… the big purple guy. they used to dual weld 2h’ers, but they’re back to just one- and there’s a glyph for that to change the weapon to one in your bags.

hope this helps.

I know, but why not just copy the model over? Make it work for Grimoire: Felguard as well.

For reference, the Felguard recolour in Legion is WAY better than the red/white/grey default summon, that’s an easy option.

While even better would be something like General Xakal, which fits the current level of aesthetic quality of the game and as such looks really, really cool.

Please Blizzard.

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Let me direct you to the post, Baal done amazing work,

Post on here, bump it, we’ve been asking for this for years :cry:


Ever since early Vanilla Blizz had said they won’t do a stable like hunters get because they want that aspect of the pet classes to be different. It isn’t ideal but they said that warlocks shouldn’t just be cloth hunters with slightly different pets.

Firstly let’s be real on how many times Blizzard gone back on their word… a big kick in the teeth Hunter can tame over 200 pets and to add salt in the wound tame Undead pets now? Like what the hell…

Secondly fine, don’t let us tame Demons but theirs still so many other routes for customisations… Glyphs is the biggest and ideal way or even let us have covenant themed pets to stick with Shadowlands…

Honestly for 16 years running around with the same Demons is horrible. Demonology is the master of summoning aswell and the strongest pet is a Felguard. Not even a FelLord.


How exactly are 80 some families of animals vs 30 some families of demons and 20 some families of aberrations "slightly different":face_with_monocle::thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking:

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I like the idea of glyphs. We’ve got them already and that’s the best way to keep our unique way of summoning pets that’s different from hunters but adds some much needed variety. This whole thing doesn’t bother me at much though. Update the models is sorely needed I would add. Lots of fun legion models but used, or some color variations.


Why would you settle for glyphs when there’s over 300 unique demon and aberration models due to Legion and BFA


I feel it’s not necessary considering they more than likely aren’t giving these demons different abilities because the ones we have are already balanced around. I’m also old school and remember the warlock specific quests where you learn to summon your new demons by bending them to your will. I think class fantasy that trumps the hunter mentality of a Pokemon master collect all the things mindset. I’ve used this same main since BC and all my demons are the same as when I got them, maybe it’s just a sentiment thing there :man_shrugging:. Again just my opinion but I like the pet thing the way it’s always been. Unless we want to talk about this crazy 6 sec summon crap.

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All the Hunter pets have the same exact abilities within a given “specialization” dude, using the same system would be zero effort.

Pets are just reskins of external dps and a few cooldowns nowadays.

Did you even read my post on general with thousands of views and widespread support :upside_down_face:

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I’m not saying it would be any effort. What I’m saying is Blizz has made clear many times over the years that the hunter stable pet mechanic isn’t coming to warlock because that takes from both classes uniqueness. Not saying it wouldn’t be doable or that some may want such a thing just that it is extremely improbable.

Wow, excellent post from @Baalsamael

Please Blizzard, I want to believe.

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go bump it :V

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I also request an update to the basic Felguard model. By all means let people keep it if they love it, but it looks so horribly outdated now, not to mention tiny. Please give us some demon options with newer skins!

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