Could we find ways for casuals to enjoy the game a bit more?

Ilvl, corruption, essence, azerite matters too much in every part of the game.

The last bit of fun that was left from creating an alt or playing casually was to jump in PvP but in BFA you get absolutely destroyed if you are not on par with others and feel completely useless.

For casuals, It is hard to queue for mythic+ even if you have required ilvl because of raider io scores (unless your a tank or healer) and the overwhelming number of dps who are desperate and queue for much lower keys which leaves you to do your own key or do them with guild which is not always possible for casuals.

I understand we want to reward players, and raiding and giving them a sense of accomplishment by rewarding them with better gear. I know it is fun for them to go into BGs and destroy everyone and feel that their gear was worth the raiding. But this is only temporary because those that get destroyed are not having fun and will quit.

I’m just wondering what hurt could it be to just let a player base enjoy a part of the game where ilvl or corruption or essences don’t matter as much so that casuals can return and be enjoying the game too.

Imo PvP was a nice place to do just that. Or can we create a second queue where ilvl doesn’t matter?
You guys have more ideas/suggestions?

The game has already been casualized to the point where the “MM” part of “MMORPG” is optional. I’m as casual as you can get (to the point where I have zero reason to join a guild) and even I think the game is way too casual.


I’ll give you pvp, right now with corruption and essences, THAT is kinda a mess for new players or fresh alts… and really should not have been allowed to get this bad…

BUT, the rest of this game is so casual friendly i cant even! Mythic+ Raiderio issue is a self made problem, start your own Mythic group, heck, hit M’0 nab some gear and get your key and then start building your M+ keys… if your theone putting the group together, raiderio is a non issue…

Soloing content has also never been easier, and there is SO MUCH to do… its honestly kinda… overwhleming…

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corruption, essence, azerite doesn’t matter for that. I personally enjoy those things. I love vision of perfection, and like how azerite modifies skills slightly. Corruption less so, but I rng’d out with a Devastation.

Anyways M+ isn’t casual, its not a base part of the game. Corruption, essence, azerite isn’t a considering factor for getting into an M+ run.

That’s not to say there’s a bit of a wall to break into the scene though.

Farming transmog, pet battles, currently visions, Torghast in Shadowlands, are all completely divorced from your own power relative to other players.

They tried making gear and character progression irrelevant in PvP back in Legion. It almost killed PvP.