Corruption Explosion Soon

Not much on that because its just a participation trophy of doing the equivalent of a elite world quest solo. When you get the 1st clearing it achieve + all the achieves up to 5 mask clearing it, it proves you bought a boost. You can not get your first mask until you full clear it for the first time.

I was just ranting about people buying boosts and touting their achieves in an attempt to showcase a level of skill they have don’t actually have. Think of someone buying a 2k boost and then creating a group in lfg saying 2k+ only when before they bought the 2k they didn’t have the stepping into arena.

Edit: are you asking about just the simple full clear achieve or 5 mask full clear achieve?

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Yeah I have like 6 470 belts with crit corruptions :joy:

You also get a funky mount? And a lot more momentos for sockets

Wrists and pants

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I see. So you need to full clear it before the game unlocks mask mode.

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Have to earn each mask, the first mask is just clear

You need to full clear to get 1 mask . Then you put that 1 mask on and clear certain areas of both Orgi and SW to get 2 masks each to make up your full 5 set .

I recommend that you try it , I hated it first and I am not very good at it but I can do 4 mask runs now . That’s still 465 gear and an upgrade for me . It’s definitely easier as melee I think but I don’t know how good Pally will be as there is a lot of movement to dodge mechanics .

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Honestly it sucks but at the same time I can’t do the simple versions anymore, too mind numbing. It’s why I hate it on alts lol

Sure if you are clearing it at 5 mask regularly it will be boring for you . Otherwise it’s something to do later on in the week when you are CQ capped and not needed for raid duty . And I can play on my own , if my kids disturb me then it’s jsut my own vessel .


preachhhhh. It’s one of those things I don’t have to wait til bedtime to do. If I need to get them so what because its just my key. Half the time I take bio breaks in the middle of my runs anyway lol.

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I’d rather just hop on an alt that doesn’t suck? I wish these rental powers were boa tbh…


Too bad you didn’t get the memo when you were constantly RPing about shield bashing horde and having mental breakdowns on the forums and saying you are quitting wow 2x a week for months during MoP and WoD.

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I was looking forward to the vision changes for alts. I have an 11 and a 12 cape but most of the rest I left at 1-6. When I logged onto those characters it looked like their first 4 page quest was still 4 pages though? When you first get a 4 page quest you typically can’t full clear yet solo to get it in a single run, so I’m not sure where the improvements are? Looks like you get the same number of coals from assaults as well.

Edit: I guess the 6/8 page ones are 4 now and the 13-15 ones are a lot better. So that’s nice.

WoD was a far better PvP expansion than the last 2. I had some fun but also hated MoP. I have mained another MMO since 2016 and I only stop back a few weeks a year in WoW.

Happier now obviously since I don’t let this game rot my brain and don’t expect any expansion to ever be good. That is why we wait for TBC servers when the game and PvP was the best.

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Already did that. Brought the haste% but turned out I can’t put on any piece I wanted. Dang it!

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I’m trying to avoid contributing to their PvE metrics as much as possible.


Looks like versatile 3 is now up in the rotation. Too bad most normal humans will only be able to get one while it’s there!

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Looks like this is turning out to be true!

It’s interesting how “bugs” are now being discovered that were in the game since the corruptions launched.

I believe the vendor rotation only exists so they don’t have too many “bugs” to deal with at the same time. Maybe after we’ve gone through the entire rotation and they’ve fixed all the “bugs” with corruptions the rotation will go away.

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I mean, this won’t do anything to say like why I use ineffable though. So it’s a non change for me

Yea I think the only unintended part is for things like fist of justice and possibly things like holy words. Not sure what other flat CDR abilities/talents there are.

If people just used it to speed up natural cooldown recovery they shouldn’t be affected by it.

edit: I guess this will probably also nerf certain azerite traits like the thunder focus tea/essence font interaction for MW. Not sure how many people were even taking advantage of those though.

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they just dont get it