Corruption Effects Adjustments Incoming

We shouldn’t be doing balance passes on gear a month into a patch. There are a few broken corruption effects [why are we leaving infinite stars alone btw?], but they should have been fixed within a week, if not a hotfix before that.

How did some of these even go live as they are?


Because the Blizz QA and balance team are a bunch of lazy morons

They were working on WC3? I thought they just picked it out of the dumpster before garbage day and re-released it?


I’d be surprised if they would even spend the money to rent a dumpster…they have shareholder dividends to worry about!

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Stars, which is only arguably OP in a fight where you can tunnel a single target long enough to build stacks, already got smacked once with the nerf bat.

We have been reading your thoughts on the Corruption changes and have decided to hold them for regional restarts next week. We understand the impact they will make on your gear selection and agree that it makes more sense to do it at the start of a week.

Also during regional restarts, we plan to make some tuning changes to Mythic N’Zoth to better align the encounter with the changes that are being made to players’ Corrupted items.

Thank you all for your feedback on this.


Well hopefully this gives you guys enough time to look through more data and adjust some of the hotfixes you’re proposing on server restart.


Probably gonna catch grief for saying it, but after seeing all the corruption rubber-banding and just not appreciating it very much (feels very uninspired if you don’t main a dps), I refunded my Shadowlands pre-order. Lately the game feels more like I’m in a bad casino.


FTFY. :slight_smile:

/moo :cow:


Thanks for the update Bornakk.


Awesome first step and great to see a response. Any chance you could refund the players that cleansed an item? that would make this situation great overall

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Hi! Can we also have our azerite trait reforge reset with these changes? I’m up to 20k testing between corruption based traits and regular + prot on my warrior.

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Except with legiondaries at least there was a goal line in sight. You would EVENTUALLY get the legendary you wanted.

Now corruption is as make or break as the right legendaries only you might literally NEVER get it.


It is hard when player skill can make up for like 40% variance in damage. A fight like Ashvane was balanced and could easily have been solved by “git gud” instead of being nerfed like 4 times.

Doing it on a tuesday or not super does not matter.

I mean that just sounds like a bad idea in general

Didn’t know that, but, y’know, seeing how it was broken…Maybe it should?

Yeah, the EV change needs to be focused on tanks. 50% nerf for every spec is a bit much, especially at it’s corruption cost.

Maybe 50% for tanks, and 25% for everyone else?


Well the changes are delayed for now but shall see how this all unfolds.

So players have the remainder of this week to get other corrupted gear that will make up for the upcoming nerfs to EV, and get new pieces of gear that have VR to make up what they had already cleansed?

Also, since you’ve been reading our thoughts, are corruption costs going to be reduced in line with the reduced damage output? I see no mention of that, yet.


Something else to add on this

As I stated before, nerfing the good ones is the wrong approach however I’m going to go into more detail why this time.

The main gameplay mechanic of corruption is the negative effects. If you have too much, you have to deal with those. However, because of that the ONLY reason for players to engage in that system is if there is a great reward (DPS, usually).

NERFING the good ones will completely eliminate this system, especially without corresponding corruption value nerfs. The risk/reward ratio will be completely thrown off. Why bother with the risk of death for a 3% gain to dps?

Now, some might argue that the negative effects are trivial right now, or only punish the healers (i would agree) however that is the part of the system that should be focused on.

BUFF the under performing corruptions instead. And possibly consider buffing them ALL but making the negative effecs more impactful in ways other than damage. Perhaps the Thing From Beyond could stun the player if it hits? The Eye of Corruption could silence the player after it hits 5 stacks? Gameplay elements are GOOD and would improve the system.

But ONLY IF YOU HAVE A GOOD PAYOFF. Currently only EV/TD/IS give this payoff for high corruption values.

BONUS FEEDBACK: Currently the chance of getting a specific corruption is WAY WAY too low. Everywhere I look it seems to be around a 15% chance to corrupt. With 51 possible corruptions, that leaves only a 0.3% chance to get a specific corruption you might want. Even out of guaranteed sources like the weekly chests that is only a ~2% chance (except not really because trinkets can’t corrupt).

EVERY ITEM SHOULD BE CORRUPTED. Then you just need to make cleansing free.