Corruption Effects Adjustments Incoming

This would hold water if we had a guarantee of specific options or the guarantee that we could actually use what drops. If I get an item with more Corruption than I can compensate for, I can’t use it - there’s no real alternative no matter how someone tries to dress it up as a “choice”. If I get a the Avoidance Corruption bonus, there’s very little reason to deal with any of the negative aspects of Corruption - so again, not really a choice.

Taking the current system, choice would be more like this:

  • all Corrupted items have a simple +20 Corruption
  • item rolls Corruption, and I get to choose from a randomized two or three possible positive bonuses (think “discovering” a card in Hearthstone)

As the system is now, it’s not a choice. The system feeds you whatever RNG you’re fed and you can either use the item or you can’t. If you can’t equip it (which Blizzard has outright stated they want to avoid) it either needs to be purified or stored until a future date. At which point, as things are progressing, it might not have been worth waiting on anyways, or you might have something better.

As an aside - I got some pants with the Twilight Devastation trait on it, and between what seems a low proc rate and the fact it might not hit anything (needs renamed Meandering Twilight IMO), it added only about 1k to my dps. If it gets nerfed any further I could easily see cleansing it.

You seem like an intelligent person from your posts, so it really surprises me that you’re proposing that players “wanted” a mechanism of “false choice” that is in essence both a trap and a gating mechanism for players.


Ion knows everything. He doesn’t need plebs telling him how to design his game.

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i guess the Ra-den weapon doesn’t count since it can be used for Outlaw/WW/Demon Hunter huh? and you can get 2 of and stack it!

You’d think Void Ritual would stand out.
It’s everybody’s first exposure to the system and it’s… meh.

that extended PTR really paid off huh?


I’ve updated the OP with:

Update – 11:30 a.m. PST February 5

Soon today, we’re going to make the following adjustments in a single hotfix:

  • Echoing Void damage has been reduced by 50%.
    • Echoing Void no longer deals reduced damage in PvP combat.
  • Deadly Momentum’s buff duration has been increased to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds).
  • Void Ritual’s stat bonus per stack has been approximately doubled at each rank.
  • Surging Vitality’s Versatility value has been increased by 10%.
  • Avoidant now subjects you to 20% less Corruption at each rank.

I do like balancing, but it’s sad to get an Echo Void on my rogue TODAY after trying for a couple of weeks just in time to get nerfed… sigh.

Also try to remember we have no choice but to make decisions and have to purge things - then you buff them and nerf the one we chose to keep - feels bad man.

I had to give up a mindflayer and a crit modifier to make room for echo void… now that may not be the right call… I guess the answer is: when rng favors you, we might nerf it anyway so you have to go back to… rng haha.


Can I get my T3 Void Ritual that I cleansed from my staff yesterday back?


/golfclap beta for azeroth at it’s finest.



No one asked for this. Legit stop blaming the players!


so how about getting some corruptions back?

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Thanks Kaivax.

Any ETA if any more class changes for PVE or PVP is in the works?

I like the corruption effects and the close ties to the lore/aesthetic of the patch. However RNG elements, auto-proccing effects (read: non-skill-based), and poor management decisions spoil the fun for me.

  1. Absolutely despise how much player power is tied to absurd levels of RNG. Random items getting a random corruption at random tiers that randomly proc and can equate to a 13k tank ST dps increase (using double stack R2 echoing void, which is a >33% gain for most tanks) that is not correlated with player skill in any capacity. Beyond frustrating

  2. Think it is bonkers that you would have massive swings in balance in the midst of a live raid progression, especially with RWF going on

  3. From someone who likes playing for logs, it’s frustrating that the top tiers are going to basically be locked going forward for some classes/specs, as those spots were earned by overtuned corruptions (e.g., example above of 2x rank2 EV); so, “hypothetically”, a dedicated player who takes the time to learn, progress, and improve will not be able to approach the parse already achieved just a few days earlier

EDIT: my heartfelt congratulations to RaidBots on your upcoming success with this announcement (current queue >700)


The change is fine… but how about allowing for a reversal of cleansed items obtained this week prior to this change going live? I’m sure I’m not alone in cleansing an item with an effect to stay under a corruption threshold to make room for EV. It’s only reasonable that in making such significant changes with little notice post reset you also allow for people to uncleanse and reassess.

The only corruption I ever cleansed was a void ritual… please restore cleansed items in the last 3 weeks

50% nerf thank god. Now trash players having the game played for them because they got lucky have to learn how to actually play the game.


Too bad I already cleansed the void ritual piece I had.

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So much for PTR, making people focus certain items, farm for multiple weeks spending bonus rolls to get a hard hit like that. GG maybe don’t do PTR “testing” if you’re not going to resolve big stuff like this in it…


So suddenly DPS/corruption is no longer a metric to go by?

At a 50% nerf Echoing Void will have a absolute horrible DPS/corruption value (only twisted appendages being worse). The doubled Void Ritual will have even more DPS/corruption then Echoing Void.

That nerf is way over the top or should come with a corruption cost reduction.

If Shadowlands design and balancing continues on this level… then you could just as well abort it now.


Buff the under performing corruptions as hard as you’re nerfing the over performing ones for once in your life learn what “balance” means