Corruption allowed in Arena and BGs?

why is it now, that blizz is going to allow pve procs to be used in Arenas and BGs?

in so many other expacs, pve procs were disabled completely in RBGS and BGS, why is corruption allowed? its insanely OP and has totally ruined any sort of joy i had doing these. when matches last 10 seconds, there needs to be change now!

So pvers don’t feel bad :cry:

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yeah, but this is insanity! no skill is needed anymore, just a lucky proc and boom, 1 shot. legendary cloaks, trinket and corruption needs to be disabled in Arena. skill based challenges are what made it fun, not the random guy in sub par gear with stacked specific corruptions that can delete you in 2 seconds

just have to survive until prepatch when they remove corruptions

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