Coolest/good racial race for a rogue?

On the horde side.

I like Zandalari. It’s hilarious facing casters and using [Cloak of Shadows] + [Regeneratin’], and going from low to 100% HP while facetanking their spells.


If you’re talking for PVE your best options damage wise are Blood Elf or Zandalari until Tauren are unlocked for rogues.

This is a race compare of my rogue with it’s current gear. If you’re going to chose purely based on PVE damage race absolutely matters and don’t let anybody tell you “hurr racials don’t matter”.

Aaaand I’m gone.


Goblin Rocket Jump

For damage id say Orc with Blood fury or Troll for berserking. Night elf can be good for pvp because you can shadowmeld and go into stealth from there. So its situational and depends on if you wanna pvp or do dungeons and raid content.

coolest is a personal preference. Best will probably be tauren for the crit damage bonus once its available in DF. This is for horde.

What were you going to say anyways? Night elf?

Tauren are getting rogue in DF??

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Yes. Now we can be big assassins

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yep, draenai as well

I was horde for a very long time. I love Alliance, but friends always played horde. After switching (never been a void elf / blood elf fan) but the void elf racials are nice! a little extra dmg, cheaper transmog, a fakeout teleport. Can’t complain compared to my horde counterparts. I do miss reduced stun, though.