Cooldown based classes

I’m just trying to get a sense of which specs of classes are cool down based. What I mean by that is if one said move is on CD then use this move and so on ans so on then use blank as a filler till something comes off CD

Sup bros, would not let me make me a new fourm topic so I decided to put this in here, doesn’t really relate at all.
Here is a melee spec for wow

Pretty much a “short CD management spec” (bunch of like 5-10 second melee abilitys)

Basically it has kinda a MoP moonkin type mechanic, but it works kinda different

So basically you have one single target nuke that will move the bar towards the single target side and one aoe ability that moves it to the other side, your other damaging abilitys will always move the bar the side that is has already started to go towards

Once you get to the end of the bar you get like a shadow priest kinda nuke mode for that type of damage

Some stuff from the aoe “insanity” form includes a passive aoe aura (some pvp talents off this, such as lifesteal/mortal strikes/cast speed reduction)

Single target form’s only unique is that a dot is put up from all single target abilitys and it stacks upon itself.

This is a melee spec off of the tank spec that works kinda like ICC hunter so it shares the same type of cc utility, nothing really new to the game here.

Some CDS are

-main cd is a instant full bar towards which ever way your going.

-some random pet summon (like a shadowfiend)

Some PvP talents

-during single target nuke mode you have increased movement speed

-during aoe nuke mode you have increased defensive passives

-main single target nuke gives you increases energy towards your einherjar form

-Pet summon stuns on spawn

These last two specs are from a class called “einherjar” (class base like has a “slow fall wing type passive like DHs but no double jump”)