Cookie in the shadowlands

i found cookie the defias murloc chef in maldraxxus


All murlocs have the warrior spirit

Especially after vanilla


So… Maldraxxus was the perfect afterlife like for Cookie?

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seems so. murlocs are maldraxxians

That raises another question. How can there be infinite realms and each soul goes to the perfect fit… but you have those are supposed to die and become fuel in Maldraxxus. If there is infinite realms, don’t you think Cookie would have wanted to go to one where he didn’t end up fuel? Like Maldraxxus for beginners.

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The fact that the Abomination is named Cookie indicates that Cookie was in control of the Abomination!

As for why Cookie would choose to claim the flesh of defeated Maldraxxians to become a one armed Abomination… No idea!

Its not cookie from deadmines…