<Convergence> [US] [A] [Eonar] [10/11H]

Hello connected neighbors,


Convergence is a newly formed guild of friends who have been playing together in some form or other since WotLK (some even longer) and we are looking to expand into a progression focused, yet relaxed and fun community. All of our progression so far was done in a once a week pug environment with regulars showing up each week, and so we decided to turn it into something more serious/tight knit. We believe that we have a strong foundation, and would like to go far with this guild. Most of us have Mythic raided at a high level with a couple reaching end content CE. Our focus now and for the remainder of the Shadowlands expansion is to clear all Heroic content available (AotC), and have fun doing it. We don’t require players be 18+, but please be aware we are all adults with real-life commitments outside of WoW (work/children/school) and use adult language/humor.


10/11 H Sepulcher of the First Ones
11/11 N Sepulcher of the First Ones


  • Tuesday: 9:00 PM-12:00 AM Eastern/Server

(once Dragonflight is here we will begin raiding twice a week, however for the last boss we feel that one night a week is sufficient with our raid style)


We are looking for skilled and friendly players who would like to get AotC and have fun doing it. We have a nice, relaxed, friendly raid environment, with the ability to “buckle in” and kill bosses.

We’re currently full on tanks and healers, however any exceptional applicants may be considered. We’re open at the moment to all DPS classes.

While we understand here that Warcraftlogs are not everything, they do help us see if the players we are looking for will align well with our overall intentions and goals of getting AotC. We do not require all purple or orange+ parses, but applicants with logs such as those will certainly not be turned away :slight_smile:


Please feel free to post here and we will reach out to you, otherwise you are very welcome to message myself or Delandria.

Guild Master - Tankblade
B-tag: Tankblade#11753
Discord: Tankblade#8771

Co-Guild Master - Delandria
B-tag: Serenity#1189
Discord: Serenity#1937

We look forward to speaking with you and welcoming you to our guild :slight_smile:



Always looking for friendly and positive people! :smiley:
Raid night recently updated - second raid night to be added in the future with Dragonflight!

Okay, baiiiiiiiii <3

Still looking for a few solid players, Dread and Rygelon down!

Working on Jailer/AotC now.