Controversial Take: Feral is fine, only needs a slight damage reduction currently

Feral has been weak for awhile now and I feel like it’s unfair that we now have damage that you have to actually respect/pop defensives for and kids literally want the server brought down so that they can be “fixed”. Sorry ferals aren’t free kills anymore. DHs were free to have over a week of abusing their broken state I feel like feral should get a similar amount of time.

How is hitting one button for an insta kill even remotely close to havoc damage? does your brain work?

Because you can trade a defensive for it and its the same as DH doing it in 2 buttons anyways. Typical DH fotm brain.

Please, with your warrior brain, Explain to me how to use a defensive on that?

Just pre spell reflect the go. Easy


With what reflect?

my warrior one. im using my woyer brain that you told me to use


lol. Touche

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that made me chuckle ngl

just netherwalk the wrath bro

gives you plenty of time to pray to whatever higher power you worship before you get blasted off the face of the earth

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