Content release

I’m sure there are many who will have some comment to make. This topic bothers me enough to put it out there anyway.
Wrath content release - why? Why are we releasing content like it’s retail? Playable on 9/26 and the first three raids were out by 10/6. The content has been cleared and we aren’t even a month in.

Why the rush? I feel like the retail folks who came to try Wrath are being catered too, that small percentage with sponsors and all day to sit and play.

Can we just enjoy the game for a while? Lordy, why does everything have to be a race to the end! There’s so much to do and even older content to go back and work on for achieves.

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The answer is server first achievements combined with different folk enjoy the game differently than others.

As well, Naxx was a joke 14 years ago. Adding health doesn’t make it harder; it just takes a smidge longer.