Contagious Cowardice is the new Corrupted Blood

A debuff is spreading around Valdrakken called Contagious Cowardice. It jumps between players within 7 yards. While it’s quite funny it does make a sound when you get it so using the AH is a bit annoying lol


Not funny at all imo. Done killed me twice :confused:

I am currently experiencing this problem on Wyrmrest Accord in Valdrakken in the Auction House. I had to turn sound off because it’s very loud and annoying, it also does damage (but as a tank I can’t tell)

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There is a plague currently going on on Stormrage in Valdrakken.

Another reason to log off and avoid other players good job

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its all over VD on Gilneas-US and adjoining servers

Too soon after Covid tbh

lol omg please hope you’re not serious.

This whole thing is hilarious.
Lowkey wish they would recreate the corrupted blood because it was funny af.

If we’re going to do Corrupted Blood events in the future, I’m going to need either tangible rewards or opt-in to have any sort of positive opinion about it.

It’s incredibly annoying and the jumping should be disabled within sanctuaries.

If people want to grief in warmode, that’s fine, that’s what that’s for. I have not nor will ever use warmode.

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Also shows up during cooking event, when there’s 50+ players crowded around a giant cauldron there’s about 50+ blue rings and lots of unnecessary sound

Its all over Sargeras and its driving me crazy with that sound, not to mention when enough players are around things start to get laggy.

LOL! I am seeing this in Valdrakken on Proudmoore. Seems the AH is a cesspool for it.

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They really need to do something. The noise is driving me up the wall to where i want to avoid certain areas.


No, you don’t. It isn’t fun when you are unable to play the game, especially over long periods of time.

This bug at least doesn’t damage you if you are in Valdraken, it will hurt once you leave.

lmao how? were you afk?

it is so annoying. had to turn off sounds because of it.

Odds are good that it’s not as high a priority as the classic plagues (like Living Bomb or Corrupted Blood) because no one is hurt by this. Your character takes zero damage as long as they’re in a sanctuary zone, which every bit of Valdrakken is.

It’s noisy and a little visual, and lots of it going off at once may strain computers that are at the very edge of minimum performance standards, but overall this is a lot less impactful than the originals.

And it still took days for the originals to get patched out.