Constant screen freeze, disconnect, and load screen freeze, ESPECIALLY in M+

Having the same issues, game will lag out when crossing to other zones or instances/raid, I could usually fix it by alt f4 and relogging but since last night I got kicked and now I get a “loading to game servers” and if I manage to get into char select I just get a full loading bar and it gets stuck there.

Its not my internet since everything else is working fine and a guildmate is having similar problems and was not able to raid last night. This also started happening with the patch launch. Any help would be great.

I’ve also been running into the same issue except in the open world and LFR. Been (knock on wood) okay in dungeons and raid.

Screen freezes, came becomes unresponsive. I tried doing an sfc /scannow to repair files, but that hasn’t solved the issue and it seems to also be affecting when I exit the game now. A couple times I’ve tried to exist the game and it either freezes and becomes unresponsive, or is just unresponsive period and fails to log out.

Have only noticed this issue since 9.2, but has gotten a lot worse this week in particular.

This issue was happening to me in Zereth Mortis. It was an addon causing it. Disabling them is not sufficient for testing whether it’s an addon.

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I agree @Opulence. I get disconnected multiple times a day whether I want to or not! LOL

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what addon

Unknown. I removed them all and started over only with things I actually wanted to use, testing after each one.

I have no problems in Zereth Mortis.
I’ve also gone beyond disabling add-ons and completely removing it and this problem is still persistent. I’ve also seen multiple other people with this problem completely removing add-ons to test and they’re still facing this issue.

It’d be nice if we got a rep from Blizzard to acknowledge this problem, especially when it’s something persistent that a good majority of players are also dealing with.

I don’t think there is a good majority experiencing it as you say, or the forum would be flooded with reports about it. Just a couple of threads reporting a similar problem can be attributed to so many other things, like an ISP in common, a bad driver that multiple people updated to, things like that. As for getting the attention of a rep, you’ll want to defer to the ticket system. They answer some threads, but not all. Since offering any Tech Support is a courtesy service, this is a community-supported area of the forum.

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This is happening to me too alot, ever since last tuesday reset. I have tried disabling severall addons, and ran scan & repair, run game as admin. nothing seems to work. i am tryin tonight after work playing with NO addons and see if it helps. i hadnt installed any new addons or weakauras so its really puzzling. its only happend in ZM and in the SFo raid, almost everytime we pull a boss the game locks up and I have to close it out and re launch

Does it happen randomly? Or when some characters appear on your screen? I had that problem with 2 hunters abilities. After couple of weeks of testing I figured out which one and found the solution by other players to force DirectX11 instead of DirectX11Legacy. 5 seconds job solved all issues.

I described my salty feelings here :smiley:

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No doubt, the servers have been horrendously bad since last tuesday (not the 15th but the week prior)

I have an average ms ping/latency of 350 or so and blizzard claims that it’s my internet LOL. Even though for every other game I play online or video I watch in 4K it all works seamlessly and fast and there’s no latency? Even Starcraft 2 works perfectly so there’s 100% issues in the World of Warcraft servers whether blizzard knows/cares or not is another question.

No you’re wrong. There are plenty of people with issues. The reality is that most people are not going to make their way onto forums to post about it especially considering most of the replies we get are useless and unhelpful or passive aggressive. Why would anyone want to post in these forums when blue posts/blizzard tells people “you’re the only one experiencing it because there’s not 100 other posts about it”. That’s extremely lazy.

WoW has a terrible latency/server problem right now and it’s not “just me” or “just the OP”. It’s many people. My GM who doesn’t even live close to where I live had such terrible latency last thursday that we could not raid at all.

I have been experiencing terrible latency since last friday (average 300-350ms world/location)

Fix the servers and stop ignoring the problems.

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Playing with no addons won’t matter because it’s not the addons creating the problem it’s something with the servers but blizzard denies it because there’s “not enough people posting about it” LOL. For every one person that posts about an issue it’s likely hundreds or thousands are experiencing the same issue.

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I am having the same problem for the past few days. Just this morning alone I have disconnected six times.

I second you on the passive aggressive replies that aren’t insightful or helpful.

What is the point in having a tech support forum for a game when there’s no support of any kind?

I don’t frequent the forums, so I actually went out of my way to find a solution by posting here because nothing has been helpful. So no, not everyone with this problem is flooding to these forum and why would they when it offers ZERO help.

I completely agree with your sentiment regarding this.

The replies aren’t as helpful as you like because you haven’t included the information required to give a diagnosis. Simply pointing a finger at the server and blaming the company doesn’t solve anything, especially if other people access the same servers without running into any lag.

Add a WinMTR or open a ticket and provide one to show where the lag is occurring. NOTE: Blizzard servers will show a worst response time in the high hundreds or thousands as a DDoS mitigation, but surrounding nodes will show any true lag.

from the pinned thread:

Connection, Installation, or Voice Chat problems include this as well:

  • Some WinMTR tests to the server group you’re playing on. If you can’t log into the game, just run the test for 5 minutes while having login issues. Otherwise, run these tests while the problem is actively happening. If you catch a disconnection or latency issue with the test, it will make it easier for us to find the problem.

:warning: Note that not all threads may receive a reply from support staff. :warning:


passive aggressive much?

You’re reading something that isn’t there. No one in the forum can help without diagnostic information when you’re talking connection problems.


I just wanted to come and update that I think I’ve found the source of my problem and a solution, I’m not sure if it’s the same issue that everyone in this thread is having, but sounds rather similar so might be worth a shot to try if you haven’t already.

Anyway, the issue did turn out to be my graphics driver (even though it was up-to-date and I did a reinstall). I had to use a tool called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to do a deep uninstall of my graphics driver in safe mode and then reinstall the appropriate driver. Thus far this has resolved the issue for me. Few things to note: Those of us that have had this issue and had success with this solution were all having the AppHangB1 error in our DxDiag output, so if you have that same app hanging error, this may work for you. Also, so far from those of us that have posted DxDiag outputs, we all have Geforce GTX 1070 cards, might be a common link…might not.

If you want to read more of my journey and a few others, here’s the thread: Extreme freezing and performance issues in Sepulcher - #25 by Lifehymn-thrall

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