Considering Transfer

I am a fresh 60 Warrior (about 50% Pre-Raid BiS), Fury/Prot (but will respec to full prot or full Fury to raid if necessary) looking for a home. The ridiculous queues on Incendius (3+ Hours Regularly now) have me considering finding a new home.

What is the state of the server?

Are Tanks in demand?

Do many guilds raid Tues/Wednesday around 6:30pm PST?

Thanks in advance!

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What’s your rp backstory


I am a 33 year old former resident of Theramore. My father was a Sargent in the Stormwind Guard that was assigned to the frontlines in Dustwallow Marsh. Shortly before he was to retire 16 years ago, both he and my mother were killed by an Orc raiding party while on a fishing holidy in Dustwallow Marsh. I enlisted in the Stormwind Guard and have slowly worked my way up to Sargent. My career has been tumultuous due to my hatred for all Orcs, regardless of affiliation. My tendency to charge into attack Orcs has lead to reprimands and a reputation as a hot headed warrior. At my core I do not trust the horde and believe them to be the true threat to the realm. Due to this I have lately been assigned duties by my superiors in the Western and Eastern Plaguelands in an effort to control my impulses. I have repeatedly requested a transfer to expeditionary forces assigned to battle Warchief Rend Blackhand and Nefarian.


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Love it, I hope you decide to transfer here

For raiding? No, not really. Most guilds already have their tanks. Better off going full fury and dpsing if raiding is your goal.

Lol don’t mind that goofball with his RP back story stuff, (THough nice to have.) Tanks are not in demand sadly. However fury warriors are, you can most likely build on a tank side by being Fed T1 etc. But if you plan to tank, be ready to start up a guild from scratch. Which is totally doable.

As for 6:30 PST (Is that central or cali?) I know most guilds here raid Tex / Cali time zone at like 7-10, there time. Hope that helps.

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