Considering Some Semi-weekly World Quests Becoming Daily

Hellooooo, where are the white scales for dragons? Please and thank you!

One is on a timer and the other is log in and do whenever you want. This is not the same.

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Please don’t. The satisfaction of knowing I was done on the WQ front for a few days without FOMO was one of the MAJOR quality of life features of this launch.

This is definitely something that could wait for 10.1.


I hope there’s still time to revisit this design decision in future weeks and this isn’t locked in place for the entire expansion. Like many others here, our group praised the decision to move World Quests to a semi-weekly cadence. There appear to be ~100 people in this thread who support the semi-weekly system, and about half as many who support a daily system. We can’t extrapolate that to the entire community, but it’s clear there’s merit to both sides and all the dismissive comments back and forth won’t result in a good compromise.

Let’s consider the two broad types of players here:

Player A (Supports Dailies)

  • Only or mostly engages with Open World, directed solo content, the prime example of which is World Quests.
  • Doesn’t consider completing the same content on alternate characters additional content.
  • Feels there’s not enough to do in the game that fits this bill, or simply prefers the directed and mini-game nature of world quests to the other available options.

Player B (Supports Semi-Weeklies)

  • Engages with World Quests primarily as side content, alongside Dungeons, Raids, PvP, etc.
  • May consider repeating content on alternate characters to be content, which is less accessible if their main is not “complete” by whatever metric they use.
  • Feels they need to engage with World Quests on at least their main, and prefers having a larger window in which to do this so they can either: do other things in-game, play alts, due to IRL scheduling that prevents playing some days, etc.

There’s a lot of replies focusing on the renown gains of 3x as many World Quests, but that would have easily been tuned by just increasing the renown each one gives, so we can assume that wasn’t Blizzard’s concern in making this change. They likely see the renown gains as fine, and may even reduce gains per quest to keep it at current levels.

So then what’s the crux of the issue of the feedback they’re responding to? Volume of content of this specific content form. Cadence is not the problem, increased cadence is just one possible means by which volume is increased. The other mechanism is simply increasing the volume and keeping the same cadence.

Consider two scenarios:

  • World Quests reset daily, and every day there are 10 world quests to choose from.
  • World Quests reset every 3.5 days, and every reset there are 35 world quests to choose from.

During any given week, in both cases, players have access to 70 world quests. But the latter system is considerably more player friendly, which was supposed to be the point of the changes in this expansion. At any given point in the 3.5 days, you can look at the World Quests and choose which ones to engage with, which ones to put off to another day, and which ones to ignore entirely.

If you elect to complete all 35 in the first day and then complain there’s nothing left to do, that’s not the fault of the game. The same would be said if you full cleared the raid in one day and complained you can’t re-enter the raid over and over for loot. Or that you finished the 10x Mythic+20 for vault in one day and can’t get gear upgrades from end of dungeon chests.

So the simple solution is just to increase the volume and keep the cadence. Will it still be “more to do” for Player B who might have liked the volume from before? Sure. But at least it gives all of the data upfront and flexibility in how to engage with the increased content.

Ian’s entire spiel was he didn’t want you getting home one day and feeling you missed some time limited opportunity. Regardless of whether you consider this brand of FOMO legitimate, the fact of the matter is daily cadence disadvantages players who may invest the same number of hours in a given week, but in a non-linear distribution throughout the week, due to work, family, other commitments, or just personal preference. Meanwhile, keeping semi-weekly or weekly cadence disadvantages nobody as long as the net amount of content remains the same as 7 x (# This Would Add Daily).

Please reconsider this change and stick to the promises of this expansion’s design philosophy.


Not undoing the change will drive players like me away. Today i genuinely considered uninstalling the game.
Now i no longer want to.
Theyre keeping a player they would have lost.

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Fall behind what?, the few that play 12 hours a day. Even so with the same effort as you would with quests every few days you will still reach your renown goals, etc. etc. No one is required to grind these daily, it just gives players more to do when they are on more.

Change it back.

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That is ultimately on you. It is not mandatory, if you want or need to log off, do so. What you are complaining about is an issue that players ultimately make for themselves, it isn’t on Blizzard. Having the option of daily quests is a good thing, period.

The net effect is exactly the same.

If you are constantly grinding rep, then the quest will be there for you while you grind.

If you are not… then other people that are constantly grinding rep will get farther than you.

Nothing really changes if you have the ability to grind at any time.

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Honestly, I like the immersion of having things that aren’t labeled with pop-up talking heads and reward actual exploration.

So much this my main isn’t even 70 yet been dragging my heels due to world quests not being daily also was thinking of not staying subbed as well but with this change and the fact Blizzard is regaining some of our trust again makes me now want to push to 70 and even push my army of alts to 70.

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Terrible change imo. It was nice being able to be done with them in one day, then go to an alt and do them the next day. Now it’ll feel like I’m falling behind if I don’t do them each day on each toon, instead of being able to go do other things.

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it’s not and you are out of touch with the problem people are bringing up here.

WQ’s put you on a schedule because wq 1,2,3 expires in 3 hours wq 4 and 5 expire in 5 while 6 and 7 expire in 12. This is the big problem because you have to play around the games schedule and not yours.

Dailies are at least a static 24 hours and the bi weeklies you knew exactly when every single one would refresh days ahead of time so you could plan accordingly.


While my first response was sweet, more rep. Why not just increase the rep of the current ones to match what we would get daily wise? that honestly sounds better, instead of people who don’t like busy work everyday, not feel obligated to do so.

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if all you do is professions then you should have plenty of time to do world content - if you barely want to play the game then blizzard can’t cater to you.

no one playing professions seriously, isn’t logging in every day anyway.

there wasn’t things for me to do - I am close to finishing up all the one time quests - all that would be left is leveling up alts and doing the 2 hours a week of world content they had.

Sitting around waiting for ‘x’ rare to spawn isn’t my idea of a ‘fun’ time.

lol, love how they locked this. I wrote up a huge response for Brewa as well and couldn’t send.

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Who designs the game? Ya’ll or the players? If we the players are designing the game we should be getting paid for it.

Back to World of Chorecraft so soon? Not even a week and we’re getting a philosophical shift in the entire tone of the expansion that was just conveyed to us by Ion himself in multiple interviews.

It’s not really a design philosophy if can be shifted so easily. Making people feel compelled to log in everyday was what you said we were moving away from? Does the leadership over there have any accountability? Bait and switch much? How can we trust ya’ll when you say one thing and do another? :angry:

Edit: Thank you for reconsidering. Stay strong, and please continue to do what’s in the best interest of the game.


I assume the change is for people like me who genuinely enjoy daily world quests. Theyre a huge part of why i play the game.

To me its not about rep. Its about not feeling like i have no reason to log on 5 days a week.


There is. You’re just not doing them. Then complaining there’s “nothing to do”.

Or…and hear me out here…you could log in whenever you want, do the World Quests that you want to do, and log out. Anytime.

Will you miss some? Maybe.

Is that a big deal? No.