Considering RP here

True! I could just xfer this character over to Wyrmrest. So many options available.

I haven’t read through the thread, but in case someone hasn’t already mentioned it…please consider rolling an alt first and get a taste for both communties before transferring :orange_heart:

RPers don’t have a level bias…I mean some do…but they’re weird unless they only RP in the current expansion zones.

It’s also important to remember that we’re a PST server if you don’t share this timezone.

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This is the only time I’ve mentioned the possibility of xferring, but earlier Eledris said I should run with every idea I have and see which ones I like the most.

It’s good advice :smiley: It’s always good to make sure you’ll have fun over here before committing.


Yeah my first toon was a low level Pandaren mage named Laoku on allyside. Tried it out, had fun, THEN transferred all my alts. Can be the best way to test the waters. :smiley:

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Awesome :smiley: That makes sense. The only thing I’m really dreading is the leveling bit.

Yet another character to level! Hopefully it’ll be worth it ;3

Then again I just found characters in my delete menu for restoration I absolutely don’t remember making! I brought back a 74 belf hunter for now. Let’s go :smiley:

This is the character that I restored. I don’t think I RP’d her at all since I didn’t even hit max level. Apparently I made her in 2018 though! Can’t wait to get started.

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Our server sucks and smells like an old :socks:.

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If you’re leveling up and headed through Orgrimmar, you’ll probably run into Tam here. I use the Orgrimmar General Store in the Valley of Strength as her “office”, and she can often be found there from 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm server time.

Or feel free to add me on Discord. Tamani#2391if you have any more questions about WrA Horde RP!

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No Thero, that’s just you that smells like old socks you grumpy fox :>

Awesome :smiley:

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Tbh, due to this XP bonus, leveling has been so quick. I’m like 4 days in with chill leveling and already level 83. I spent around 3-4 hours just doing the Midsummer bonfires, just to take a break from dungeons/quests, and got 5 levels just from that. It’s not efficient at all so, totally don’t recommend lol.

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Ngl Orgrimmar is pretty unfamiliar to me :x
I don’t play Horde very often. I’m quasi lost XD

Getting lost is fun. Org is a city built in a Chasm so it’s a bit wonky…but that does add to the flavor.

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I recently discovered a whole section of Orgrimmar that I didn’t know – or had forgotten – existed. It’s not even hidden, really, it’s the upper road where things like the herbalism trainer are, I just … never went there.


There are a lot of people RPing at the Wyvern’s Tail. Is this normal? Like, is this the only spot to find RP?

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The Wyvern’s Tail and Valley of Honor is a pretty big hub for casual stuff, same with Silvermoon. If you want more in-depth RP, I’d suggest joining the WrA Discord where a lot of events are posted and looking for RP guilds! Guilds are typically your best bet for more in-depth roleplay out in the open world.


It’s the best place to find RP at any time of day, yeah. Random RP sorta stuff. You can also find a whole lot in the Royal Exchange district of Silvermoon.

If you want to get away from the casual stuff in the cities your best bet is to find an RP guild. Guilds organise RP events and whatnot outside of the normal hubs, but might not be active all day every day. For example my guild, Lordaeron Unbound, do a lot of our RP in the Eastern Kingdoms, based around Fenris Isle. But it’d be tricky to just find us in a walk up RP because we’re not ALWAYS there, you know?

So basically if you want casual RP anytime in the day to meet strangers and build connections, Orgrimmar or Silvermoon are the places to go!

If you want more story-driven and preorganised stuff, a guild is the best way to go. You can find a list of currently active RP guilds, on both factions, in this thread: WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events)

Personally I recommend a bit of both. If you meet people in random RP in Orgrimmar you can build connections and make friends. That’s how I met both my IC guild officers, actually! However it’s also nice to get out of the cities so an RP guild can be a really cool thing to check out.


I’m always so terrible at reading directories. I know it’s convenient to have everything right there but part of the fun is the discovery!

Anyway, I will take a look after work and see if anyone stands out to me. I haven’t built my toon really so maybe something will inspire me :>

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cough cough make an Outlander and join us in Space Australia

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Omg I love that you called it Space Australia. I actually was just out there in SMV enjoying the Netherwing crystal island. Maybe I will :>

Oh yeah especially since you’re all dudes. You need a waman out there roughin’ it with the bois.