Consequences of Banning the GDKP:

There was data in your OP?


ok dude, u r right, prices will be the same since then and u will not see the effect in 3 days, thats for sure not how inflation works

u will see, I dont need anything else than time

So many words to mask just as many tears. Gdkp is dead. Cope and seethe swiper.

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OP’s name is very, very appropriate for the content of his post.

Gdkp doesn’t = gold buying

Blizzard would never say this unless they had definitive proof. They have every reason to ignore the problem. Admitting it is a huge step.

And simple common sense proves it. SoD is capped at level 25. Bots are everywhere. What do people have to spend that gold on at that level? GDKPs. GDKP = RMT. That is a fact.

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Correct Gdkps do = rmt. But it’s also undeniable and unfair to say just because you’re doing Gdkps you buy gold. Both sides are wildly unfair when arguing the points. Gdkp is infested with gold buying and rmt however not everyone that does them buys gold and there are a lot of gold buyers that do do Gdkps

What would be nice is if there was a feature to auto mute every new post about GDKP. It would also be nice if every post someone on forever ignore made was auto muted. Those would be real features to add to the forums.

Agreed, account wide. I know for a fact that some of these are being created by people I have on ignore that leveled a new toon to 10…

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yea they need to start just cleaning these threads up at this point. just give them their own stickied thread to cry/hugbox it out in for a week or something.

we dont need a new thread every half hour from an anguished RMT buyer or gdkp payout leech whining about how they might actually need to play the game now if they want gold

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the problem is we are playing sod with an outdated looting system.

their solution is to force players into scheduled, guild runs… but this isnt always the case for players with multiple alts and or playing the game at odd times, let alone actually being invited to guild raids to begin with.

I’ve pugged all but about 8 lockouts during P1 on two toons. But yea, keep believing this. General pugs clear BFD 95 out of 100 times. I’ve had ONE run where the players were just bad, I mean really bad since week 2. That group went 6/7 and still downed Kelris.

Have just about BIS On both toons too. Only thing this guy is missing is the hat and staff, and neither have dropped for him. So MS/OS isn’t an issue either.

what do you guys think will happen though, pugs will just stop existing?

ofc not, they just wont be pugs you can buy your bis/leech an effort free payout in. which is the real reason for all the noise the last few days from the RMT/GDKP enjoyer crowd.

No, that they’ll have to roll for the gear rather than CC swiping, getting the gold, and being almost guaranteed to be able to outbid everyone for whatever they want.

It’s a reaction to losing the PTW aspect they’ve been abusing.s

People are already playing the auction house now - have been since about day 3 of the servers.

Inflation has already hit rares. One rare that I sold for 3g in week 3 is currently on the AH for 45g.

These things are happening when GDKP is running.

There are a few different reasons for inflation on the auction house. One is scarcity of an item or lack of supply (low drop rate high quality rares). Another is a lot of demand - eg harder to get raid consumables. Then there is hyperinflation - where there is a lot of gold supply floating around. Because of the weeks at level 25 and the extra gold for quest rewards then hyperinflation will take off sooner in discovery servers.

What bots and gold buyers do is add to gold supply and hyperinflation. They make it happen more rapidly - but it will always happen. One of the attractions of 12 month servers is the server might be mostly ‘over’ before it becomes a game breaking problem.

GDKP just circulates gold - it does not add to gold supply. But a lot of the gold it is putting into circulation comes from gold buyers who got it from bots (ie it indirectly adds to gold supply). And it circulates and adds a considerable amount of gold at level 60. Apparently the price of gold halved when the GDKP ban was announced - if that is true then I assume it is because of less demand.

This is not a simple system. Most of the claims made - like many in the opening post - are inaccurate and just make an argument to suit the conclusion they are trying to make.

WTF are you talking about…You claimed inflation was already rampant which it is very clearly not. What is it that you think happens in 3 days that will suddenly change things? Do you even know what inflation is or what can cause it? Rhetorical question by the way since you have time and time again shown that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Its crazy how overreactive the GDKP community is when they’re only doing this ONE VERSION of 4 that are available :rofl:

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u r only looking at the herbs farmed by bots dumbass

The only version aside from retail that is worth playing lol

No the problem is we are playing SoD not retail.