Consecration "incorrectly" counts as a debuff

If my female blood elf could go back in time to classic to own these rets on a leash as a pet.
I would give off the hardest snarl and snarkish smile at the ret scrap that when it kisses my lovely red toe nails. It would melt into a puddle and be erased along with its tree.


top guilds arent bringing memadins into BWL anyway. most guilds that care about debuff slots enough to manage them to perfection dont bring rets. so why bother?


Im happy consecration turned out to be a debuff. It explains why ret was never viable. Now we can finally leave the ret stigma alone in the scrap pile. I would be delighted to know if the paladins that quit made a custom vanilla private server to fix all these issues. Shows how desperate they are. May as well change everyone else too.


I am so proud of myself. Those videos were a hard find but I did it. I will be the one who stomped the one chance to change consecration. My name will be remembered by all ret paladins, Im very sure.
Never will you get into my raid. Maybe if you beg.


Patch 1.9 Marked and fixed. You are just wrong. Laughably so. You find old footage pre fix and claim that it was like that after the fix.

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Guys, he’s clearly trolling you. He’s not even using a Classic toon.

Be smart. Don’t feed the troll.

You mean the whole “keep it on a leash as a pet” didn’t give it away? That’s some yikes dawg. Naturally from a female blood elf.

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Bet you like that dont you?

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That edit lol. You’re a very angry person. l’ll continue to bump this topic until there is a statement by Blizzard. Even if it’s a simple, “It is working as intended.”

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You’re going to love my edit even more now.

Hope it comes out as “Working as intended” just like Diamond Flask.

One: Yes I do play classic and its my sole purpose to cause all ret paladins to quit classic raids due to proving they are incapable raid dps.

Two: You are never getting consecration back as long as Im around. Trolls really wouldn’t dedicate their entire life to ruining paladins. Trolls are what you call sarcastic muck arounds who post things without evidence and stay around for short periods of time per topic.

Three: It says the debuff icon is no longer DISPLAYED. Can’t you read?

[Patch_1.9.0) (03-Jan-2006): Consecration no longer displays a debuff icon on targets in the area of effect.

So where did it ever say?

(Patch_1.9.0) (03-Jan-2006): Consecration no longer behaves as a debuff and no longer displays a debuff icon on targets in the area of effect.

Kiss my feet Paladin of herod. I enjoy it.

That paladin using consecration on Golemagg at 1:22 removes a debuff goes down to 14 and 15 with 1 invisible consecration only to APPEAR back when consecration resets.

2005 stated by comment (consecration pre 1.9)
(shows that the display was showing)

(Patch 1.7.0)

15 debuffs+invisible debuff. Watch the serpent sting and SWP. Proves it was a debuff in patch 1.7
Sucked in rets.

Proof beats zero proof. Now its your turn to show me a patch 1.9 video proving the patch note wrong. That is if you can. You can’t and you never will.

Ironically if the second video shows it being displayed yet in the patches afterwards such as the first and third videos shows its not being displayed YET its still taking up an invisible debuff slot. What does that mean?

Thanks for the kisses rat paladin.


Like my edit? Feel free to love it.



If Blizzard fixes this bug it means changing every bug in the game therefore changing the whole game into a different game. J Allen Brack warned you… And now it shows how right he really was.

If fixes occur the transition to fixing class balances occur which transitions to classic wow becoming no different to retail or any expansion where everyone was able to do what everyone can do or able to do anything anyone else did and was similiar in strength. In the end youll end up with a game where no one is unique at anything specific. And everyone will quit or want a revert back to the original game with all that WASTED TIME Blizzard put into changing things when they could have instead made a new vanilla patch on a new server (without changing the 1.12 era classic) and introduced a new dungeon or raid after naxx or tbc and fixed it. Id say leave it and if they ever wanted to fix these bugs they should make a new patch after naxx on a new server OR Tbc on a seperate server.

There are more people that don’t want changes than there are that want changes. Possibly the best thing to do is introduce tbc and fix it.


Nah, I’d rather like to know the reason Blizzard thinks it’s a good idea to have an ability taking up a debuff slot without showing such. Either now, or back in vanilla.

I like how this guy has spam reported the original post to get it hidden only for it to be restored.

Incidentally, Blue update please.

I don’t know why I bother, but here again asking for ye olde blue post. It’s okay I know it’s only been 8 months and Blizzard is a small company, but if we could get a reply that would be pretty sweet.

Can we get rid of debuff limits already? I’m sure people will be fine with it.


ectoplasmic distiller gets hotfixed and nerfed within a week of the report and yet this bug report has been sitting fallow since November 2019…


Bliz y u no reply?

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