Consecration "incorrectly" counts as a debuff

This is especially tough because Corruption is very important for SM/Ruin locks, procs of Nightfall are a huge part of their DPS. It’s bad enough that there are so few debuff slots available, for it to get knocked off by Consecration is a big blow to that warlock spec.

Yes, we have double the slots right now but so many people still throw up far too many inconsequential debuffs without knowing they are knocking off important ones. It doesn’t help that many weapon and spell procs also put up debuffs that can push important effects off the boss.


Judgement of the Crusader & Sanctity Aura are very important for Retribution players but we forfeit them for the raid. A good portion of our DPS is lost from that.

Now we make that same decision to cease Consecration(because of the newly discovered elimination of debuffs on cast) but it feels bad because there is no benefit to forfeiting Cons versus the other auras/judgements we trade off already.

That is why this thread exists. They all want to know if there is indeed a good reason for Consecration to be invisible on the debuff list and still be taking up a debuff slot.


Can we please just get an acknowledgement post from a Blue saying they see this thread and are going to check it out? Anything would be better than silence. This really needs to get resolved in the coming months before BWL’s release unless this is intended behavior, in which case it would be really good to know ASAP.


Still no response from a blue?

Is this going to be addressed at any point? Consc never counted as a raid debuff before and never knocked off existing debuffs in vanilla. Why is this happening?

hopefully we will find out in tomorrow’s patch:

Additional Updates

The lua API has been modified 2.0k to prevent some addons from using communications channels in ways that are contrary to the spirit of the game.
This patch includes client support for the Paid Character Transfer service, which may be enabled at a future date.
The World of Warcraft Classic executable file on your PC has been renamed.
Bug fixes.

TLDR - if they fixed the consecration bug, then it will most likely be in tomorrow’s patch

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PenguinbasherToday at 7:40 PM
According to these logs, conc still counts as debuff
we had MS because we were testing something
doesn’t seem to have knocked anything important off though


@ Aggrend

could this bug report get some love and attention as well plz and thank you


I hope we get a response or a fix. This is punishing…

All I want for Christmas is a reply to this thread. -_-

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Patch 1.9

Consecration - No longer displays a debuff icon on targets in the area of effect

Sounds like Blizzard brought over the data from Vanilla without any of the game server side bug fixes.

AKA more bugs than actual 1.12 Vanilla.

Over a month and a half out now, the holidays have come and gone, still my heart yearns for the sweet solace of a blue reply clarifying this issue. I apologize for the repeated nagging but this must be addressed, it’s vital for a spec that is already a meme and if it can be fixed then we -need- it fixed and if it’s intended behaviour then we at least deserve to know so we can plan accordingly.

Please give us something. Even a “we’re looking into it, we saw this thread” acknowledgement would go a long way.

Thanks for your time.


Yeah, the note that says it no longer displays a debuff makes it sound like it didn’t count as one prior to that.

It would be really dumb to make it just an invisible debuff at a time where debuff slots were highly fought over and watched.

I never remember Consecrated ground ever consuming a debuff slot in late vanilla; this was with a full suit of standard debuffs on the target.

I think that more or less it counted as damage in the same way you could count auto attack.

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I get a debuff when i stand in consecration it stacks for each paladin as well, working as intended I’d assume, it costed too much to be useful back then maybe thats why no one used it.

Hopefully they fix it when AQ is released so its the same as vanilla.

Had two paladins using consecrate in my raid tonight, sure enough never had more than 14 debuffs appear on our targets while consecrate was up. Would appreciate some clarification from blizzard on whether or not this intended given it no longer appears as a debuff.

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Consecration works the same as the explosive trap ground effect so it should be a debuff too.

except for this…

Consecration - No longer displays a debuff icon on targets in the area of effect.


Has this been looked at yet?

No and at this rate it never will be. It seems clear Blizzard isn’t interested in giving any reply as we’ve had this thread up for months now. I’m really disappointed to be honest, I expected more.