Conquest Vendor

Conquest vendor stop selling items for anyone else in valdrakken? I thought the season goes on for another week


Yep, just crapped out and live rating greyed out to… #smallindiecompany

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Crimson Conquest and Elite (2400) appearances seem to have been removed from vendors.

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Season just ended.

Haha poor baby

Looks like bug, 10.1 is not release to US live servers yet…

not a bug

the season ended at 10pm pst it is no longer season 1
you cannot buy season 1 gear anymore

forgot to use up all my conquest to buy cheap purp gear to disenchant for ah money fml

how much gold will they give for each conquest?

That sucks :frowning: I wish they would make it more obvious, I just ticked over the amount needed to get it, took a quick break and come back and gone!

Not as much as the gold you could / would have gotten. Seasons end early usually. This time is different tho because we are only having I guess a 1 week off season compared previously it was 2.

It’s been announced several times.

Where? I dont see a reminder on my in game calender. I saw a date advisor. Someone told me about M+ ending early (which was a partial truth) so Have heard about the 10pm post for M+ but never saw it

Side note: Now after the fact I find out there is 1 post on the forums I dont often read EVERYTHING… Now Ive seen it why not have it mention cant purchase my conquest items (I know know when it says it means vendor items as well when it says pvp rewards) but stuff like conquest still being in our bags it sucks.

Why not just make it server reset?

They announced the end date of the season about a month ago.

All you had to do was ask. :dracthyr_love_animated:

In your defense I don’t think that they should have immediately removed the unranked conquest gear from vendors, because I don’t think that was really mentioned anywhere.

Maybe the purple sets were “seasonal” in the same way vicious mounts are in that you have to earn them now if you don’t want to wait until next expansion when they’re added to vendors.

And they’re probably removed from vendors so people don’t accidentally buy last seasons gear in the current expansion, etc.


As well for us in Australia; 10pm means 3pm here. They should just make it sever reset or put it in the calender like timewalking so we know it ends earlier than reset.

Yeah, time zones and whatnot are a finicky thing. They didn’t even shut the season down in time but did so around 55-57 minutes later or something and it remains to be seen how it’ll affect titles and whatnot.

I wonder if Sucio’s friend finished his wins.

Hey, the (season 1) conquest gear is back on the vendor. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:


That’s great, but now achievement for collecting conquest PvP set from season 1 disappeared :thinking:

Yes I saw this! I wonder if it’s a mistake OR deliberate BUT at least I get to spend me tokens :slight_smile: