Conquest pvp gear

After maintenance pvp gear purchased prior to the maintenance that was on veteran track did not change to champion track as stated in notes

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i am having this same issue. very frustrating

Same here.

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Same here, even tried doing arenas first to unlock upgrades but not. It’s definitely a mistake from the dev team, since the new gear from vendor is on champion track and my gear is veteran. :frowning:

having the same issue here as well

Same, I see on the vendor it’s champion but my already purchased pieces are still veteran.

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Per a blue post on this post this was intended and is a multi part fix only step 1 of the fix has been put out so far which made the new vendor gear champion track. The update for already purchased gear will be coming in future

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I think you should just allow gear to be sold back for conquest and refunded in the short term, by the time you apply this fix it might no longer relevant.

It’s more complex than that. I have my conquest gears converted to tier set pieces already.

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As of a few mins ago mine has now switched to the correct track after a relog

What about previously purchased conquest pieces? Especially those converted to Tier?

Existing Rated PvP gear that was previously on the Veteran track should now be using the Champion track.
Developers’ notes: This change does not affect existing Class Sets either obtained from the Great Vault or items that were converted at the Catalyst. Those will be addressed in a separate hotfix.

According to this future update

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