Conquest gear can't be upgraded

Is this intended or will this be changed at some point before DF?

it’s broken
who knows when or if they’ll fix it

I am leaning to intentional, so nothing to fix.

what they did to even normal honor pvp weapons was a massive wth!?! move. these 2 things can’t be coincidences.

158 to start. base 226 before prepatch was in no way pve crushing.

Yes. The season ended.

Its not broken.

where is proofs?

The season ended?

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Then why solo shuffle?

Testing for DF.


What Happens During the Post-Season Period?
You can continue to queue for rated Arena and rated Battleground matches.
PvP rating can still be earned and increased as you win rated matches.
Vicious Mount progress will continue.
Vicious Saddle progress (if Vicious Mount is finished) can continue.
Honor and Conquest can be obtained and used to upgrade gear based on your rating.
Great Vault progress can be accrued for weekly rewards.

seems like a bug

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