Conquest and Valor to Become Uncapped

It’s cool that valor is being reliably uncapped eventually in a season, but it would be nice if Blizzard actually looks at how awful the cap is when it’s in place.

750 per week is abysmally low, and the costs are too high if that is gonna be the cap.

That’s less than a full vault of M+ keys gives you, and it doesn’t even give you a single 3 ilvl weapon upgrade per week.

If you looted a 376 2h weapon on week 1, the valor cap would’ve been removed before you got it maxed out, versus pvp which can get their weapon on week 4 and then max it at their leisure with uncapped honor farming.

The state of valor is annoying before it gets uncapped and I hope rather than just saying “well after 2 months it’s uncapped so deal with it until then” every single season, they tweak things to be better.


You fool. This point has been talked about already. If there werent valor caps from the start people would simply go and do the highest key they possibly can and then spam m+ 2’s and just farm valor and upgrade their gear. thats it. thats what would happen. Then you would have people doing +2 and getting the best gear possible. Then you would get geared so damn fast you’d start complaining about having nothing to do because you got extremely high ilvl in 2 weeks. No dude. terrible idea.


Why would you spend valor on a weapon instead of just making a 418 one through crafting? M+ already gives unlimited quantities of concentrated primal infusions.

You put that in the future tense when it’s true right now.


The weekly raid lockout shouldn’t exist anyway, especially not for old raids. If players want to play, then let them. Just do some good rewards for helping lower level players so people who play less can still get into groups and catch up.


M+ is always the fastest, easiest, and best gearing method in the game.

This just makes the gap bigger. (Which was already enormous.)

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Finally, hopefully the dev team uncaps valor every season after 2-3 weeks.

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You’re not wrong… but with the Valor cap, you can’t at least spam +2s to get basically everything you want (once you hit KSM).

You at least have to do the 15+s and be judicious with your Valor right now.

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finally…thank the wild gods!

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I like bananas!

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primal focus is slightly higher ilvl than valor gear and is gated by sparks anyways. could those be made account wide too?


But we need to keep beating this drum because it doesn’t even seem to be on Blizzard’s radar.


M+ may be the easiest way to get ilvl, but not the best gear. To get the best gear you still have to do raids.


The amount of “best gear” from raids is microscopic.

The overwhelming majority of 421 ilvl gear in the game right now came from m+ great vault.

The overwhelming majority of 418 ilvl gear in game the right now came from crafted gear (via M+ infusion drops) or M+ great vault.

These caps always feel horrible after this many weeks.

Please consider limiting the time to 2 weeks.

Honestly, valor was a band-aid to how punishing 1 drop from a deplete was at the start of SL, and now that this drop has been changed, why is valor still here?

M+ was probably too weak in 9.0, but then 9.0.5 overcorrected relative to raid.

Not really. There are a lot of BIS items from Mythics.

in my humble opinion, valor could have been uncapped much sooner.

when they buff m+ loot to be upgradeable to mythic raid quality. so never. fragile ego raiders actin like crabs in a bucket tryin to keep their m+ brethren down.


Not to mention the fact that in Dragonflight, M+ awards unlimited quantities of concentrated primal infusions to make 418 ilvl crafted gear, in any slot you want, with whatever stats you want.

Meanwhile, even a full clear of Mythic Vault of the Incarnates (which less than a hundred guilds in the world have even done at all) gives a pathetic 8 infusions.

Yeah, nah. Most people need some gating.