Connection issues

Hi - anyone else unable to get past 'logging in to game Server" issue. Returning Error WOW51900328.

Have rest router, done all the usual stuff and all 5 of my families accounts arent connecting (classic and retail)

No message on Battlenet or servers currently? I live in Thailand (usually fine)

It is working ok for me.

Are other areas of the Internet working, or just WoW?

everything else is working fine

I have US West coast Comcast and mine is working fine. Not sure what to say, also might want to post this in tech support and customer service as well so you can get a broader audience.

i’m having issues connecting too. any idea whats up?

check out this thread where more people are facing the same issue: Error code wow 51900319

thanks - seems to be lots of issues in SEASIA. Id use a vpn, but my account will probably be flagged immediately as logging in from a different location and banned.

Yup been having issues all morning. TBC Classic is fine though lol