Condensed Life Force, Vitality Conduit, etc

For account wide essences, can we have the like-essences be account wide? For example, I’ve earned Condensed Life Force, and can go get that on alts, but my alts still have to do the same requirement for Vitality Conduit, even though it’s the same requirement for the different specs.

it only works for the spec you earned it on.

At the beginning, “can we have the like-essences be account wide”. I’m aware of the current state, looking to change it. I provided an example of what I would like to see changed :slight_smile:

It’s because there comments regarding the essences were “people didn’t want to repeat the same content over and over again” for their alts. This is one of those examples where the repeating part continues. CDL/Vitality Conduit are a good example of doing the same grind.

They literally just made an official announcement about this not even 45 minutes ago.

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I’d like to believe this post made the difference – thanks all!

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They just keep giving in… They lost the fight.