<Concordis> (A) seeking WW Monk, Experienced Healers, AOTC Castle Nath

Concordis is a KJ original guild. We have been on the server since day one, and we have an established history. We are the oldest, active raiding guild, and we are always looking to add to our great community! We have an established and stable leadership. I have been Raid Leader since the Blackwing Lair days, and Guild Leader since Burning Crusade. We have dedicated officers that focus on certain aspects, to help keep the guild running smoothly and have provided and sustained us for over 15 years!

We are seeking to the following

Windwalker Monk
2-3 High DPS (3.5k Minimum)
Experienced/Geared Healers for our core team.

All exceptional players are welcome though. Whether you are a healer or DPS.

We are looking for someone that can attend most raids that happen on Tue/Wed/Thur 5:30pm (PST). We usually run 3 hours or so.

You will be expected to be online and ready for invite by that time. Ready for invite means having all flaska, potions, food, runes etc, and online, not in a group and ready for an invite.

Message Axyorix in game or add me on battle.net (rynin#1191).

Looking forward to hearing from you!

To clarify, we are currently 10/10H. We also have a second more casual raid team that runs on Thursday and Friday as well. If anyone is interested in that also.

One healer spot filled. We have a Monk slot (WW or Mistweaver), 1 Healer and any geared/experienced ranged DPS still open.

Hey Axyorix- Sent you a friend request on Discord.